Monday, December 21, 2009

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

By now I'm sure that everyone knows that Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday morning. I found out via text message on the bus heading back from D.C. to New York. It's really sad—she's only a few years older than I am. I've heard her cardiac arrest was due to "natural causes," but I do find it hard to believe that would happen naturally to a 32 year-old. I suppose we'll find out for sure in the coming days. Regardless, she was an amazing actress, so let's take a minute to remember her here.

Who could forget her breakout role in Clueless? One of my favorite lines she said in the movie was when Cher (Alicia Silverstone) made her do a Buns of Steel workout video: "Cher, I don't want to do this anymore. And my buns, they don't feel nuthin' like steel." Amen, sister!

I haven't seen Girl, Interrupted in years, but it was such an awesome movie—very dark though. 
From what I remember, Brittany's character commits suicide. Does anyone else remember anything about her character in this movie? I need to watch it again!

Brittany switched things up in the romantic comedy, Just Married, with Ashton Kutcher. I had a big time Ashton Kutcher phase—I remember being so jealous of her when this movie came out. They had great chemistry, and I believe dated for a while after the movie came out. Ashton wrote this yesterday on Twitter: "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out to Brittany's family, her husband, and her amazing mother Sharon. See you on the other side, kid." 

In Uptown Girls, Brittany plays a nanny to Dakota Fanning. I can totally relate to this movie right now! 

I recently saw Little Black Book on TV—I had forgotten how much I like this movie. In this scene, Brittany goes to the doctor (not knowing she's a gynecologist) to do a little investigative research on her boyfriend's ex. 

You all know from this post that I had a mild obsession with Eminem, so you can only imagine how envious I was that Brittany played his girlfriend in 8 Mile. Who remembers their sex scene together? Umm yeah, pretty intense. Brittany had made a statement that this was the movie that made her well-known, but I think everyone knew who she was long before that.

Does anyone have anything they want to share about Brittany Murphy? What was your favorite movie she was in?


  1. She was adorable in Clueless but I really liked her in Sin City. She played a great film noir femme fatale. I did not see her in Girl Interrupted which many say is her best performance.I did recently see her in a direct to DVD supernatural thriller called Deadline and she was very good in it and if you are a fan I recommend you check it out as it may be her last film.

  2. Girl Interrupted is one of my favorite movies, and she's really amazing in it.
    I liked her in Sin City too, great movie!
    It's so sad, she was so young. I can't imagine how hard it must be for her family.

  3. I'm trying to recall her in Sin City..?

    I was really surprised by this news as she was so young. I admit that my first thought was weight loss drugs or ED but it's not right to assume. We will all know soon enough.

    I think she was a very cheerful soul with a great acting energy. She was so much fun to watch in movies!

    RIP girl...I hope you enjoyed your life!


  4. Ellen- you can have a heart attack at 32 from "natural causes". According to her mother she suffered from Diabetes. Diabetics also suffer from high blood pressure- the silent killer. Even if she wasn't diabetic, high blood pressure could have caused her heart attack. And I know this because I am currently on blood pressure medication and being watched for high blood pressure and I'm only 25. The whole thing is sad!

  5. totally unreal! in addition to all the movies listed, i loved her in 'don't say a word' with michael douglas. i hope she was as happy and bubbly as she appeared to be.

  6. Ohh I haven't seen Sin City, I'll have to check that out. And Deadline. I also just remembered she was in Riding In Cars with Boys w/ Drew Barrymore--that was really good.

    LIS, you're right, I totally shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I admit, my first reaction was exactly what you read--a little skeptical--esp based on things I had heard in the past. Whether it happened naturally or not, it really doesn't matter at this point, like Barbara said. I'm feeling a bit guilty now for being so insensitive, but I guess I'm only human.

  7. It is really sad. How could you not love her in Clueless, so many great lines. She was very good in Girl Interrupted. I remember that her character sort of have some weird daddy-complex and she kept all of these old half eaten chickens under her bed or something? I remember being kind of confused about if her character had an eating disorder I can't really remember. It's so sad for her family and husband.