Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you have any weird turn-ons?

I had to ask guys that question for a reporting assignment I did a couple weeks ago, and it got me thinking about what my answer would be. I have to admit, I really like it when other girls hit on my boyfriend. Is that weird? I guess it's a turn-on because it makes me feel good that other girls want what I have. 

At my birthday party the other night, a girl approached my boyfriend and started flirting. He talked to her for a couple minutes, and when he came over to me at the bar I said, "What are you doing? Get back there!" I guess it's kind of bitchy to mess with girls this way—I know how hard dating in Manhattan can be, but I just can't help it. Sor-ry.

This is kind of like the game Chuck and Blair played at the beginning of this season's Gossip Girl. Chuck would make plans to meet up with a girl, and then he'd let Blair know where he was. Then, just as he'd start kissing the girl, Blair would catch him. She got off on it. Now, I'd have to dropkick a bitch if I ever caught her kissing my man, but you get the point. It's the same idea. 

What about you: What are your weird turn-ons? What do you think about mine??


  1. I am still thinking if I have any weird turn ons, but I don't think yours is weird. It is nice to know that other people want to play with your toys (pardon the vulgarity of that), and having someone hit on your boyfriend also helps you to fall for him again. You see him through the eyes of another. Also - he gets an ego boost, and every guy, no matter how wonderful he is, needs to know that he has the goods.
    I think your turn-on is TOTALLY healthy. Not to mention, it shows that you trust him, and trust is always a turn on.


  2. I once pitched an entire story on how I get off on guys' shoes. If a guy has good taste in shoes I am totally hooked. And by good shoes I mean anything from Italian dress shoes (something you'd wear with a Varvatos suit or something), to Sperry boat shoes and the Keds that all the BK boys wear. It's usually the first thing I look at after his face! These days I don't think I'd date anyone that wore a pair of square-toes out of the house.

  3. Well...two of my favorite movies are The Secretary and Exit to Eden. Guess that explains


  4. Haha, Shannon, my toys...this is one toy I'm NOT willing to share! I think you're right, it does kinda make me fall for him again. Having someone else reinforce what I already know (but maybe take for granted sometimes) is a good feeling.

    Dazey, I didn't know you were such a shoe freak! No idea. I'm down with the Sperry boat shoes, too. Mainly for a summer look. What shoes on guys does everyone else like???

    Oh Barbara, I think I have seen The Secretary. Is Maggie Gylenhaal in that?? If I remember correctly, there was a scene with whips and chains. Nice ;)

  5. i couldn't stop laughing at your party with those girls. i don't think it was really mean at all. i mean it wasn't like he was acting like she had a chance. and that girl in particular seemed like she would flirt with anything that had a pulse-no offense to luke because he is obviously cute and british and super nice to everyone, but you know what i mean. :)

    i can't think of anything weird that "turns me on" really. i am with you (and shannon) that seeing other people want what is all yours is definitely hot and makes you realize how good you have it. i love guys who are social-who can talk to anyone at a party and feel comfortable. but i think that might be normal. i guess if anything, i really love "secret" touches. like squeezing your hand or knee under the table. or even just when the guy comes up to you at a party or something and puts his hand on your back. i guess it's not that weird, but it makes me feel like we have something extra special and secret.

  6. I don't think your turn-on is weird! I agree with what Shannon said and i would add that it also reminds you how you feel at the beginning of your relationship when you first saw him and flet attracted to him, just like those girls feel when they see him. And it's good to remember that feeling! (I don't know if I'm clear!) I think i'm like you, it makes me feel good when i know a girl is attracted to my boyfriend, it's a real ego boost.

    My turn-on is the same one than MaryAllen! "Secret touches"! A simple hand on my back can totally turn me on!

  7. Ohh good one MA and Aurore, secret touches. I'd have to agree with that too. I asked my brother this question and he actually said the same thing! He said it's just a nice gesture that reassures you of the fact that she's interested. I thought that was a mature answer compared to all the things he COULD have said. haha