Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do you keep your weight in check during the holidays?

Ok, so I didn't do too terrible with my eating on Thanksgiving. I didn't quite "load up on the veggies and get small portions of everything else" like I vowed, but I didn't *gasp* go back for seconds. And for dessert I had a sliver of peach pie and a piece of apple pie. Not too shabby, although I'm pretty sure that the 10 glasses of vino I consumed more than made up for whatever calories I might have saved by not totally pigging out.

Here's what my plate looked like. You can't even see the turkey underneath the sweet potatoes and stuffing! Oops. By the looks of it, it doesn't seem like I skimped on anything, but I didn't need to walk around with my pants unzipped after the meal, so I'd say that's a victory. Don'tcha think?

I did go running twice during my break and did some pushups, crunches and ass lifting exercises one day, so at least I somewhat stayed on track in the workout arena. Although, I tried on the snug H&M dress I bought for my birthday party tomorrow, and noticed an unsightly roll of back fat popping out. I'm hoping I'll be too drunk to care about that though. I mean, who wants to stress about back fat on their 29th birthday party? Not me.

So, although I didn't totally bust the calorie bank over Thanksgiving, I need to try to do better over Christmas. It's gonna be freakin' hard, man! How do you keep your weight in check over the holidays? I need help!


  1. Haha too funny ''stress about back fat''! Well I love to eat and Christmas food is amazing and only once a year so I definitely go overboard.

    What works for me is that one week before, I eat very healthy and work out more, so I end up losing a few pounds. When christmas comes, I stuff myself, gain weight and am back to normal haha.

    I suppose balance is key. Just eat whatever you want during the holidays and then get back on track with lots of exercise and green tea!

  2. at the elevator at work, they have one of those tvs that has little facts and news bits and stuff and right before thanksgiving they had this tip:

    "in order to prevent eating too much over the holidays, wear tight-fitting pants to dinner" (or something to that effect)


    WHAT?!?! that is the opposite of sense. this is the time to binge! the food is free, tasty, and hopefully you don't have to help clean up too much!

    what always gets me though is the snacking. people bringing things in to work, or giving you baked goods, etc. i try to chew sugar-free gum all day, but i cannot resist temptation.

    also, at home, a nice long walk (or run if you are actually athletic) is always a good excuse to get away from the family if they are driving you crazy!

  3. Large portions of veggies and smaller portions of everything else is my motto!! And I always eat salad and veggies first to try to fill up on that (even if I don't really want it)! Hey, what can we say? Spring vacay bikini season will be here before we know it! Did anyone catch the VS fashion show?! If that isn't motivation to watch what I eat during the holidays, I don't know what is!!!

    xo, Kel

  4. Green tea, yes I always feel (even if I don't LOOK) lighter when I drink it on a regular basis. I go in spurts.

    And yep, MA, I use gum all the time to keep myself from indulging. Today I had the biggest sweet tooth ever, but then I popped a piece of gum in my mouth and I forgot about it. I've read that if you wait 10 minutes after the initial craving, you most likely won't really want it anymore. I think that's usually true for me.

    Oh lord, Kelly...i don't know if I can think about Spring vacay bikini season yet! ack.