Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Let's have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Ok, so I was a little hesitant to post these pics because I will never be able to top them myself, and I don't want to spoil you all too much, but they are just too cool not to. My girl Kasey, a photography genius, took them at a party called Vandam at Greenhouse last week, which apparently goes down every Sunday night. I just might have to join you next time, Kase—if I can even make it past the doorman, that is! (Will you give me a makeover??)

Here's Kasey—lookin' hott mama. I'm gonna let the rest of the pics speak for themselves 'cause I don't want to ruin them with my writing!

Last but not least is my boy Zac. I'm loving that 'stache. When are we hanging out, homie?! 

Well, I'm off to D.C. for a party weekend. I hope I survive. It was just last weekend that I declared I wasn't going to let any alcohol past my lips for a loooong time. Oopsie. So what's everyone else doing this weekend? And what are your thoughts about the new and improved PSF?! Check out more of Kasey's amazing photos on her blog here


  1. The colors on these photos are amazing. Also amazing - these folks get this together every SUNDAY? SUNDAY!?! All I could possibly muster on a Sunday is perhaps some aerobics and a glass of wine after cooking dinner.


  2. Those photos are gorgeous! Your friend is really talented!

    Have fun this week end ;)

  3. Seriously, it will be very tough for me EVER to go out on a Sunday, but seeing as I no longer have a job, I just might have to do it one time!!!

    Everyone check out Kasey's blog...I made a recent debut too :)