Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's your color of the moment?

The other week my friend Lindsay told me that lately she's been obsessed with anything gray. My response was, "Really?" But recently I've noticed that I've hopped on the gray bandwagon without even realizing it! I've been rocking OPI's Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees (gotta love those names!) on my tootsies for a month, and when I was home, everything I wore was either gray, black or beige. Well, it turns out I've kept the trend going! Last night I met my boyfriend and cousin, Chris, out for drinks and this is what I wore.

Gray scarf, check. Gray sweater, check. Geeze, I look like a lump of charcoal! I'm feeling quite bloated and just all-around icky from overindulging during the holidays, so I was hesitant to put this picture up, but a few of you said you'd like to see more of ME on the blog, so here I am! My jeans are definitely feeling snug, and it is just not cool, man. I'm going to wear leggings, gray leggings perhaps, until I get back to my normal self. And no one can stop me because I don't have a job! Haha

I love this gray ToyWatch my bf got me last year for my birthday. The battery is dead, but that didn't stop me from wearing it! Ohh and can we just talk about how crisp and clear my pics are today?! I'm posting deets on my snazzy new camera later. I love it!

So tell me: What's your color of the moment? What do you think about my head-to-toe (literally) gray look? Should I add more color?


  1. I love gray too and your gray look is great!

    My colors of the moment are beige and dark blue.

  2., always and forever:)

  3. Thanks, Aurore and Genie! Genie, did you check out the ToyWatch site? They come in so many fun colors. My friend Tiffany has the orange one, it's awesome.

    And yes, Barbara, you can never go wrong with black!