Monday, December 28, 2009

Do I look fat in these jeans?

Every time I go home, I find myself secretly hoping my mom will tell me that I've lost weight, even when I um, haven't. She's always made me feel beautiful, but actually hearing the words, "Wow, you've really slimmed down!" gives me satisfaction and a feeling of approval that I think children are always seeking from their parents. 

Well, it was day three at home and while my mom complimented me on my outfits and told me how pretty I looked, I still hadn't heard the magic words. So what did I do? I asked her if she thought I had lost weight since the last time we had seen each other. Big mistake. Huge. (Can you hear Julia Roberts saying this in Pretty Woman?) Her initial response was, "You look great!" But then I pushed her for her honest opinion (again, mistake), and she said, "Well, you're not at your slimmest. Your face looks a little fuller, but everything else looks great!" Translation: You have a fat face. Sweet. (Juuust kidding, Mom!)

I got upset, but I knew how unfair it was for me to ask my mom that question. And at least she told me the truth. Lord, Jessica Simpson could have benefited from someone being honest with her when she wore this horribly unflattering outfit at a concert in Florida about a year ago. Yiiikes. If anything, this was a good wake up call for me—I need to get my ass in gear, man! I'm not going to wait until the New Year to get back on a healthy track—it starts now

Have you ever asked someone if it looked like you had lost or gained weight? What happened?


  1. Hope you had a lovely holiday Ellen:)

    Um, I'm a chick so YES, I have asked that question many times.

    Lately the answer has been "YES" since I'm busting my ass with diet/workouts. There was a time(years ago) when I was pushing 200lbs though, and when I'd ask that question the answer was usually not good.

    I try not to ask questions that i might not like the answers to.



  2. Oh, my husband is always HONEST and it was horrible when I was pregnant because there was nothing I could do... He would say "It's like your face doesn't match your body." Lol... AAAH.

  3. You and me both Ellen. Todays pants are tighter thatn they used to be. For me: If I have to ask, then I just take off whatever it is I'm asking about. Otherwise I'll just be concious of it all day even if it looks fine.

  4. My parents recently told me I lookd "healthy" which they say was intended as a compliment. Too bad they normally use "healthy" interchangably with "Sturdy" or "stocky".
    yeah...thanks guys.

  5. Hi! Found your blog on Glamour thought I'd stop by!
    Too funny...I actually look to my mom for the same honest yet sugar-coated opinion. My mom usually speaks up when I am down a few (or five) pounds but lately she hasn't said anything. So over Christmas we were in the kitchen and I poked at my thighs and said "Mom look how fat I am" to invoke her opinion. My mom says something like.. "Oh honey your not fat, the extra on your thighs looks good, thats where most women wish they would gain it." Gee thanks, mom! So now I know that yes, I did gain weight (my jeans were not lying) and that I do have huge, thunderous thighs. Awesome.

  6. My mom always tells me when I see her that my face is where she can tell how much weight I am gaining or losing and that it just get "so full" awesome what every girl wants a full face (lol) Back to drinking water....

  7. Thanks Barbara, hope you had a great holiday, too! I know I know, I shouldn't ask questions I don't want honest answers to, but sometimes I just feel like the other person should know when to LIE and tel me what I want to hear. A white lie every and then never hurt anyone :)

    LOL, Mrs. Muffins!! Does your hubby given you his honest opinion even when you don't ask for it?!

    George, you are totally right. However, sometimes the ONLY thing I feel good in are my pajama bottoms and over-sized T-shirt. Can't exactly go out like that in public, ha.

    Haha, Shannon, there are worse adjectives than "sturdy" out there! But yes, stocky does hurt a bit...ouuuch.

    Hey COS! That is too funny...there should be a book for moms on how to respond to this question, right?!

    Sarah, that is EXACTLY what my mom says too! I know, I've been downing the H20 the last couple days...I still feel puffy from my holiday binge-fest though. Ughhh

  8. My mom is always brutally honest with me too!! I'm feeling a little LARGE after the holidays, too, and it's almost time to squeeze into my NYE dress!! AHHH!!