Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If your ass got fired, would you exit Jerry Maguire style?

I was calm, cool and collected the day I got the pink slip (minus the five minutes of crying I did in the stairwell with a co-worker), but sometimes I wish I had had a "SHOW ME THE MONEEEY!" type of meltdown. You know, just to make a statement. From what I've heard, the mag I was fired from has already hired and fired two other reporters (in a six month period), so it's easy to be forgotten. I want to be remembered--even if it is in a whoa-that-bitch-is-crazy kind of way.

This scene in Jerry Maguire is definitely my favorite. Genius. Well, Jerry and I have one thing in common: We both got royally screwed.

I love the part when he announces that he's taking Flipper with him. I can actually do a fairly good impression of Tom Cruise in this scene. I may decide to put it on video some time in the far, far future, but I'll have to think on that!

So what about you: If you got fired, what do you think your exit would be like?


  1. oh lord i have no idea!!! have you seen the movie half baked? i haven't seen it since college, but isn't there a scene where the guy gets fired (or quits maybe?) from a fast food place and points at each individual person and goes "f you, f you, f you, we're cool, f you, i'm out" hilarious.

    my first job was selling tape (yes. adhesive products) and i worked there for 4 months before i got offered what was my dream job at the time-event planner. i told my boss and gave FOUR WEEKS notice and he made me leave that minute. i guess he thought i was going to steal some top secret tape secrets or something?? he wouldn't even let me say goodbye to anyone. if i hadn't been so shocked i would have TOTALLY told him off. i mean in NO uncertain terms. actually, about a year later i saw randomly and thanked him for making me leave that day, because that night i went out and met my then-boyfriend (i probably wouldn't thank him for that twice but whatever) and i wasn't very nice about it.

  2. No I haven't seen Half Baked, but that is hilarious!! That wasn't cool of your boss. He probably just wanted to feel like he had the last word...such a man-thing to do!!!