Friday, December 11, 2009

Have you ever gotten fresh with a bouncer?

Ohh you know I have. I got kicked out of a bar on my 21st birthday (imagine that!), and apparently got super duper fresh with the bouncer and told him to "get a life...and a job!" Well well, look who needs the JOB now!

We had fun bar hopping last night, but when we got to the last place, the bouncer was not having it. He made us wait outside in the freezing cold, which was pretty unbearable, so we started asking why the hell he wasn't letting us in and um, yeah...everything went downhill from there. It was weird. He said he'd let one of us in so that we could see just how awesome the club was, but then he still wasn't letting us in. I mean, I'm sure he would have eventually if we had kept our mouths shut, but people get drunk and stay stupid shit sometimes...whattaya gonna do? It was actually a blessing because I needed to go home anyways. Note to self: Stop getting drunk on Thursdays! An.y.way...

TGIF, y'all! Is it Christmas yet? Lord, I desperately need a break from the city. Tell me: Have you ever gotten fresh with a bouncer? What went down? Photo Shoot Friday will be up later this afternoon, so check back in!


  1. Hahaha, you were Leslie Mann in Knocked Up: "You are not god! You are a doorman, doorman! DOORMAN!"

  2. Oh, I love that scene from Knocked Up.

    I vaguely recall getting fresh with a doorman in Florence, Italy. I am not sure of the circumstances, but I believe I called him a fascist and stormed away. Way to give the US a good name, Shipley.


  3. Ellen, you made me laugh so loudly on this one that my son assumed I was laughing at him (imagine that!). He's 15, need I say more?

    OMG, I'm sure I've gotten fresh with a bouncer, fortunately it was so long ago (and I was probably so trashed) that I don't remember the details.

    I will say in Richmond the bouncers were there (back in the day, may be different now) to throw rowdy people out of the bar, not to preen and examine and decide who gets in, like in NY & LA. Could be that way at some places here now.

    I went to Nell's (sp?) with my artsy friend years ago. That's the only IT place I've ever been, and it probably wasn't IT anymore if I was there. Although, said friend and I went to Bond St. Japanese restaurant right after it opened, and I heard it became a place to be seen. Had to have been later! It was DIVINE and we had the best bottle of wine (or 2?) then had to run in the rain back to see a show. It was lots of fun, though, probably about 8 years ago.

  4. OMG, Kara, I love Leslie Mann in Knocked Up! Forgot about that part in the movie.

    Shannon, can you speak Italian? Did he even know what you were saying?? Bond St. in NYC? I think I've heard about a sushi restaurant called Bond St that's really cool and good...been wanting to go. I really don't go to "IT" places often, but since I was entertaining out of town guests, I made a little more effort to impress them. It was fun though...esp bc I don't do it often!

  5. Yes, and it's on, Bond St. Village or SoHo--can't remember. It could be a sushi place, but I don't eat a lot of sushi. They bring soybean (edinami?) to the table like chips or something. The presentation is nice and I've had "rolls". Is that another word for sushi? I'm very Japanese food-illiterate. Great atmosphere and sublime wine. -- Julie

  6. i had some friends visit me in nashville once and i do not know how i survived. it was right after college so that could have had something to do with it but still. we had jaeger bombs, beers, vodka/sprite/lemonade (my special drink)/and then drank bourbon all through the game. about 3 hours later we were STILL going strong downtown and shimmied up to the wildhorse saloon. the bouncer took one look at me and said "so, have you been drinking today?" and i threw my hands in the air and yelled "YES I HAVE!!! EVERYONE IS DRUNK!!" needless to say we did not get in. i am pretty sure i told him we didn't want to go to his stupid tourist trap anyway.

    this story reminds me of something i was talking about this weekend. do you ever wonder what night was the last night you could go out and get crazy and NOT wake up with a hangover that lasted more than several hours? i really wish i could pinpoint that night and go back and tell myself to really enjoy it....