Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Giveaway: Win a Thayer dress!!!

Hey guys! Who's pumped about Christmas Eve?! In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I'd give you a gift (well, just one of you). My friend Marsha is the designer of the amazing line, Thayer, and she is donating this super-cute dress to one FnF reader.

Pair it with a blazer and tights and you've got the perfect party outfit. Ok, so here are the contest rules. Yes, rules. To enter tell me:

1. What your favorite FnF post has been thus far and WHY

2. One thing you'd like to see more of on the blog 0r any general constructive criticism you have

3. Your dress size S-XL

The deadline is Monday night at 10pm, and I'll announce the winner Tuesday morning. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!!


  1. Hi Ellen! Merry Christmas Eve! Such a cute dress, btw. My favorite post was your Nov. 28th post, "How do you feel about where you are at this point in your life?" I think that everyone feels that way at some point (or several points) in their lives. I know that I'm there, along with you and countless of my friends. I really love your blog and would like to hear more about you! Keep your spunk- I love it. Sorry for the novel...hope you have a merry Christmas!

  2. Fav Post -- ave you ever not worn something bc u were afraid a guy would not like it. Mostly because i like to see the way women think about their fashion, and how it relates to what us fellers think. With that said...

    Would like to see -- more gender neutral posts. Not really sports but just some topics where we can take more of a lead in the comments section.

    Umm dress size would prolly be small, i'd just give it to my roommates girlfriend. I don't really care about winning it but just wanted to put my .02 out there.

  3. Hi Sophia! What's your dress size? Thanks for the comment!!

    Hey Flip, I will definitely take that into consideration for future posts. It's hard sometimes bc I like just writing about ME and what I like, but I LOVE the fact that I have guy readers, so I'm sure I can find a way to keep you interested and coming back!!

  4. Merry Christmas Ellen~

    My fav post is the "Best place to be: Backstage". Truthfully, I enjoy reading all your posts because you do make us think!

    As for future posts...Um I'm a real fitness nut so anything fitness related grabs my attention:)

    the dress is beautiful but I'm 5'10, um I wouldn't be able to bend over:)

  5. Merry Christmas! Gorgeous dress. My favorite blogs are Photo Shoot Fridays! I love that they are always so different, have a fun NY feel, and I can live vicariously. :-)

    I love how you never know what you're going to post next. It is clearly based on your perspective and how you feel that day.

    And, I would be over the moon for a new dress in a size small.

    Have a great time in KY! XOXO

  6. Hey Ellen!

    1. My fav post is "Are your friends starting to have babies?" because you described exactly the kind of situation i'm living too!

    2. This is typically the kind of things that i love about your blog, you can totally relate to most of the situations you describe. So my only advice would be: keep it like that! Keep writing about...well...everything! Basically keep writing about what you're going through in your life because you always manage to include your readers in it, not only if one live the same thing than you but also because you're interested in your readers and ask them about what THEY are going through. Also I like that you take time to answer to everyone so keep doing that!

    Well, it seems like i had a lot of inspiration today, sorry for the long post!

    3. Oh and my dress size is S!

  7. Ok so I have no clue where in lovely Lexington I would rock out in this dress, but it is too cute to pass on a chance to win it. I love your reality chek where you were so open about being scared about the future and jobs but are still optomisic. It is strange hwo some how everything does work out even if it is ways you didnt plan or expect. It makes life not as predictable as we would sometimes like, but surprises can be great! (Like see you girls for the holiday) Remember there are people everywhere that do believe in your talent and support you in whatever you want or whatever surprises you in life. Love the Collises ;)

    Dress size Medium

  8. 1. my favorite post was your Nov. 16th "I'm over NYC's superficial BS". This post really hit home for me, i feel EXACTLY that way a lot of the time. It was nice to see that i'm not alone in NYC and feeling a tiny bit inferior at times. i like that you can be honest about how you feel but for the most part you seem to have a really positive outlook on life.

    2. i would like to see more about you personally on the blog! my fave bloggers are the ones that give me a lot of insight into their lives. (i guess i am just nosey, lol). i like that you post a lot of photos and that your photos are often funny. i have been reading your blog b/c you usually make me laugh.

    3. dress size = small

    <3 Sally

    ps. i found your blog through!

  9. Thanks so much for the encouragement and awesome comments, guys! It really means A LOT.

    Hi Sally! So glad you found me :) You and Sophia both said you wanted to hear more about me personally...what exactly do you gals mean by that?? Just more normal day-to-day things or my opinion on different topics?

    Sarah, I'm sure you could find somewhere to wear the dress...ROSEBUDS!!! haha, juuust kidding. Great seeing you guys over break!!

  10. 1) I have two favorite posts that are totally unrelated - the post asking about cheating and then the post where you remembered your father. I didn't know your father, but I loved the honesty of the post. I thought it was a brave move on your part.

    2) I would like to see more posts like the cheating post - discussions of hot button issues made evident through current events.

    3) I guess I am a medium or large?

    Happy New Year.

  11. Duh - how could I forget my appreciation of your health and fitness posts. It's because of those that I have started to make quinoa regularly and just purchased agave nectar for the first time.

    so I amend my "would like to see more of" to include more health and fitness tidbits. It is cool when you use your resources (eg all of your cool NYC friends) to help us FnF readers become healthier folks.

  12. My favourite post so far has been the Jerry Maguire one - I got laid off in the Spring and although it was because of the economy, ect I REALLY REALLY wanted to have that Jerry Maguire moment! Better yet, I'd love to see someone else do it (but that won't happen because I don't have a
    As for what I'd like to see more of...well, I like that there is a wide variety of posts - but I am always looking for new and interesting HEALTHY meals and since you try to eat such a healthy diet I'd love to know more about how you keep it interesting and "new".
    I'm probably a size small or medium depending on the fit of the dress (better to go with medium and have it taken in...)
    All in all I love reading this blog and I especially love how often you update it.

  13. HI Ellen,
    I also found your blog on I've been reading for about 2 weeks now. I have to say you put thoughts into words exactly how I wish I could. Probably why I'm not a writer!

    Anyways, I loved the post about "A fancy little dinner party" mainly because I wish I had such a great group to have them with! I'm originally from the midwest and we used to do that all the time with the girls, but I moved to Texas, and haven't been able to find as many girls down here that are compatable with my personality to have dinner parties with.
    Interviewing with a few companies on the East coast, so who knows, maybe soon!

    Keep on telling it like it is. Not a lot of people have the guts to be completely honest, so I enjoy reading the honest truth on your site. (Esp. "what's your excuse for not being healthy")

    Not sure what size corresponds to a dress size 6.

  14. Ellen,
    I really look forward to reading your blog everyday and I check back multiple times a day to see if you've posted something new (Yikes! Did that sound stalker-ish? LOL), and my favorite posting is any posting where you talk about your friends and post pictures of you and your friends. I'm a 20-something, socially awkward, single mom with a small (meaning non-existent)circle of friends so it's fun to read about your adventures with your friends. I can't think of anything that you should change, because as I said before, reading your blog is something I look forward to. If selected to win the dress in a medium, I promise to make some friends as cool as yours and post pics in a blog for all the world to see. :)

  15. Hey Ellen,

    I would say both day to day stuff (you already do this occasionally and those are my favorite posts) and also your opinion on things. You're funny and you seem to have a lot of personality (i mean that in a good way!), so I like hearing your personal views :)


  16. My favorite post was the "what kind of yogi are you" i was cracking up reading!

    I really love reading your blog because of your humor, so I would say just keep the funny stuff coming.

    size is a medium.

  17. My favorite posts are anything to do with yoga and farting.. The real life situational humor always makes me laugh as I find funny in the mundane. I think what makes your blog attractive is every post is about the small awkward brushed over and/or usually not sppoken about acts of the day. You are basically our inner monolgues typed out every day.. Take something we all experience, observe and note things intrestingly and we are captivated..

    What would I like to see more- publicity/revenue genrated for the blog! This blog should be generating some money via advertising, marketing, something and there are people out there willing to do so you just need to find them. What's the 2010 Marketing Plan for FnF? Does every magazine editor person/website person/venture capitalist know about and get a link to FnF? How else will this get turned into a feature column?(That was just brainstorming not even sure if that's your vision but hopefullly you get my point) Less Sitcom reruns posts more posts about how you met someone who is helping to make this blog your livelihood.

    Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.. It's a simple formula but never easy to execute.. That's why only the special ones make it happen but luckily all people from Lexington fall into that category.

    I am a male reader but the dress would look hot on my wife.. Small please..

  18. Thanks for the awesome comment, guys!! I appreciate them so much! Please be patient with me as I try to incorporate them more and more into the blog.

    And to answer your question, Cincy, so far I've been doing smaller things to get the word out about FnF—mailing cards with my business card inside to editors, commenting on other blogs and attaching my link, pitching story ideas with a "fired" theme to different mags, my stickers, networking with other bloggers, etc. The first few months I was just concentrating on DOING IT, but now I do plan to take it a step further. One step will be going .com (yay!) and then I'll look into advertising, etc. I can follow my readership on Google Analytics, and it's looking pretty strong, but I'd like for it to increase a bit before I feel 100% confident about reaching out to advertisers. I guess you never know unless you try though! We'll see! Thanks so much for the support :)

  19. I'm coming in under the wire, but hubby is yelling at me to enter because he knows I'm a freebie whore.

    My favorite post was the one about being a Facebook creeper. It made me laugh...and made me feel slightly better about my FB stalking habits. (OMG, today I was sitting next to a girl at the doctor's office and was like, "You're Emily, right?" and then had to explain that I only know her from her sister's facebook pics. Talk about creeping.)

    In general, I love observation posts -- party snobs, airport styles, public farting, etc. Anything that puts everyday stuff in a new perspective or asks for opinions :)

    My dress size is a medium. And it will be again in five months! LOL.

  20. Well, I think in general I like that you're personal and honest in your topics and posts. I enjoy your humor on the simple things. I love your new love of shamefull self promotion that you have started sharing with us. I guess I love your new camera too. There is no subtitute for clear audio and video. More video might be fun, but I don't know what your data space max is like. If I had to choos one post, it seems like the yoga story hit home with pretty much everyone including myself.

    I know someone who would enjoy a medium. :)