Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yo, where my party people at?!

Hey friends. I'm just chillin' out on the couch watching the Real World/Road Rules Challenge right now, thinking about how I really have been pretty tame party-wise this holiday season. What the hell? Is this what happens when you turn 29? If so, I'm breaking the chain starting....NOW!

This weekend, Liza and I are going to D.C. to visit some buddies, and yes, we will be attending a holiday party. This will be my first one of the season, so I'm gonna bring my A-game with me. This only consists of two things: my drinking boots and Mom's special hot artichoke dip. I can't wait! I'm a bit out of the loop on the holiday party scene—what do people do besides drink and eat? Are games involved? Games, unless they have to do with chugging a beer, or 10, make me a wee bit nervous.

Who has been to an ugly sweater party? I haven't. This is a pic of Foster from last year in Kentucky—I skipped out on this party for reasons I do not remember. What usually goes down at these things? Is there an ugly sweater contest? I don't know why, but the idea doesn't really appeal to me. I mean, ya know, ugly isn't something I do well. Obvi.

So party people: What fun holiday festivities have you been to recently? Anything good coming up? Email me some pics and maybe I'll include them in a post next week!


  1. 1) Ugly Sweater Parties are the shizz. Totally fun and riotous. Like any other costume party, a great amount of time is spent commenting the sweaters of others, telling the story of how you offended your mom by borrowing it, etc. My girlfriends and I threw a tacky sweater party in law school. There were holiday themed jello shots, there was egg nog, there was mayhem and madness. You can make an ugly sweater hot, and you will be very cozy in the cold winter's chill.
    2) I have been to at least five holiday parties already, and I am going to one tonight. Activities can including drinking, eating, yankee-swap gift exchange, forced caroling, maybe a gift donation or can drive, cookie/ornament exchange, wrapping gifts for charity, reading Christmas stories or other holiday stories, watching movies (Elf, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, It's a Wonderful Life, etc.)

    Get your Holiday Spirit ON!


  2. Whoa, Shannon, you've got this whole holiday party thing DOWN. How the hell do you make ugly holiday sweaters look hot???

  3. I guess if the ugly sweater is in fact a cardigan you could wear a fitted screen-print teeshirt underneath with skinny jeans. If the sweater is long (as they tend to be) leggings and hot boots. And everyone looks cute with rosy cheeks and a Santa Hat.
    I defer to those with actual style to provide true style commentary.

    Have fun getting your party on. And Hot Artichoke Dip is surely a way to bring your A game. Champagne and artichoke dip sounds divine...and it's only 8:50am on Friday.


  4. Thanks, SCS. And in case anyone is wondering, here is my artichoke dip recipe:

    1 cup artichokes, DRAIN WELL and cut into small pieces
    1 cup mayo
    1 cup parmesan cheese
    A dash or two of Tabasco sauce (secret ingredient)

    Bake 30-35 min (or until a little brown around edges) on 400