Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have you had an Aha! health moment?

I have. Sorta. It was after I read Bethenny Frankel's book, Naturally Thin, that I realized it takes a lot of hard work to get the bod you want. Even skinny beeotches like Bethenny have to work for it. I mean, I already knew this, but I never wanted to accept it. It took me until just recently to get used to the idea that there won't be many days that I'm not thinking about what I'm putting into my mouth or how I'm going to squeeze in a workout even though I'm busy and exhausted. I'm in this for life--unless I decide one day that I just don't give a damn! I don't want that day to come though. As much as I think it would be sweet to eat anything my heart desires without thinking twice about it, I know it would make me feel and look like shit. No thank you.

I used to constantly resent the fact that I have a slower metabolism and that I have to exercise at least five times a week just to be "normal." And I certainly resented my skinny bitch friends who could eat whatever the hell they wanted without gaining an ounce. Me? I can gain weight just by thinking about having a second slice of pizza. I've gotten a lot better about not comparing myself to other people, but it's still a struggle.

So, while I used to feel sorry for myself that I had to work so hard to be a size six (sometimes an eight depending on the item of clothing), I've realized I'm actually not working hard enough. I don't need to clock in more hours at the gym, but I certainly could push myself to the limits more often. My shirt should look like this when I'm done on the treadmill, but more times than not, it's just a little damp around the neck. Not cool. (My parents didn't raise a wimp!)

It feels good to be more at peace with my body. I still have a ways to go--it's gonna take something BIG to make me finally realize that late-night pizza is just so not worth it. (Well, most of the time). I can't wait for that day to come! Have you ever experienced an Aha! health moment? How has it changed you?


  1. So I wore grey shorts for a hardcore workout once......once. It looked like I had peed my damn pants when I was done. People gave me strange pitying looks.

    That shirt reminded me of why I ALWAYS wear black.

    My aha moment? When I cleaned up the diet, stopping drinking as much and got moving. Like wow.... it works:)

  2. Ha, Barbara, that sucks! At least you had a great workout--with the sweat rings to prove it :)

  3. My Aha! moment is actually sort of the inverse of yours. When I started seeing a nutritionist to deal with my erratic eating habits, she informed me that the reason I'd been overeating at night was because I was literally starving myself during the day, which I hadn't realized. I was SO EFFIN' HUNGRY all the time that it was no wonder that the minute I let myself have a bite of peanut butter, half the jar would be gone in a heartbeat.

    It's been six weeks since I started following the meal plan she's given me, and it's been a series of Aha! moments. I'm still thinking about what I'm putting into my mouth, but I'm letting myself *eat what I want*. As a result, I'm A) not overeating at night, and B) not gaining weight. (I'd like to lose a few pounds, sure, but I'm at a healthy weight.) It has been shocking to see that, yes, I really can eat a lot (a lot!) and it's just fine.

  4. oh dear, i have to take 3 shirts to the gym when i go to play basketball: one that i start out in; another to change into after a few games; and then one to change into after I'm finished. I sweat beyond want a normal human should sweat. Kind of annoying honestly, but i guess good for me? I don't even know. Lots of time spent hydrating.