Monday, December 21, 2009

Airport Style: Take 2

Liza and I flew out of the Newark airport this afternoon, and now we are finally settled at home in Kentucky eating turkey sandwiches and watching a French movie called Tell No One (no reviews yet—just started it). Isn't it funny how something as simple as a turkey sandwich can taste so much better when your mom makes it for you? I guess it's the extra TLC she puts in it.

No offense to any of my Jersey peeps out there (I got nuthin' but love for ya!), but I did witness quite a few fashion eyesores at the airport: Track suits, looong French manicured nails, an abundance of hooded sweatshirts and baggy sweatpant outfits, sweater turtlenecks and fake Louis Vuitton purses—lots of them. (Which, aren't so bad, but I saw a few that had the cherry print on them, and I just can't get down with that. Anyone know what I'm talking about?) 

Ok, so I'm not saying that I made any groundbreaking fashion statements with my usual leggings/boots/T-shirt combo, but LOOK at the jacket I'm wearing. It's by PH8, Bebe's new luxury lifestyle line (without the luxury price tag) that I told you about in this post. Liza got it as a gift and was nice enough to let me borrow it. I just love it—I'm always a fan of anything slouchy with a cool collar. Bebe is really stepping up their game—the Kardashian girls are designing their own line for the brand, and recently Katy Perry has been seen all over town in her favorite PH8 leggings. I think it's time you guys hopped on the bandwagon, too! 

It's a beautiful thing when fashion meets function—I'm going to try harder from now on to look more pulled together during the day while I work from home. I may be wrong, but I think it will help me to stay productive and positive.

Anyway, what are the funniest/tackiest/most fashionable styles you've seen at the airport recently? And what do you think about PH8? Are you into cute, comfy clothes like I am?


  1. Merry Christmas!!! I hope that you have a wonderful time in Kentucky. Thanks for the PH8 information. Thanks also for the head's up on Rent the Runway. I got an e-mail (I'm sure you did too) from them yesterday showing the new arrivals to "our founding members". I haven't rented anything yet, but I felt really special when they called me a founding member. FNF keeps me in the loop.

    I'm trying to get my Christmas cards out before Christmas. HE! If I get them out today, there is a chance some people will get them before Christmas. Last year, I completely missed the deadline. I even took pictures for my Christmas cards, but when Christmas was over, I decided I would send New Year's cards instead, but I missed that one too. I guess I'm on the every other year plan...I should have started when I read your blog about the Christmas cards. There are no pictures of children or husbands in my Christmas cards this year. When are you heading back to NY? I could send them to your Kentucky address, but I would like to have your NY address also.

    Merry Christmas!!!!! Have a wonderful, relaxing time. Tell your family I said hello.

  2. No offense taken as a SOUTH Jersey girl. There's a reason I fly out of Philly!

    If you want to see some AMAZING airport outfits, find the gate that's departing for Vegas. It's always a treat, at any airport. So much Ed Hardy, so many rhinestones...

  3. Hi Mary! Happy Holidays!!! I haven't rented anything from RTR yet either, but I'm definitely going to some time—let me know when you do!! I'm guessing it's too late to send you my address, no worries!

    Kara, what is the difference in a SOUTH Jersey girl?? And good idea about hanging out at the Vegas gate—never thought of that!!! I used to think Ed Hardy was 10 years ago.

  4. Seriously -- I was over Ed Hardy already, but I think Jon Gosselin officially killed it for everyone!

    And OMG, South Jersey and North Jersey are two states -- everyone knows it -- they just haven't made it official yet. (My friend used to say "Split the Jerseys, merge the Dakotas, and we'll still have 50 states.") South Jersey is more laid-back, our accents are better, and I actually don't remember the last time I saw any Louis V down here, fake or real. I knooow, I totally drink the SJ Kool-Aid, but it's my hood and I love it! Plus, "Jersey Shore" has made me super-defensive about REAL Jersey :)