Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did you dream about your wedding day as a little girl?

I didn't. And I'm not trying to pretend to be a hardcore bad ass by saying that, but it's true. I might have dreamed about marrying Jon Knight from NKOTB (umm, yeah, I didn't know at the time just how unobtainable he was), but that's about as far as it went. Even at 29 years-old, I have no idea what flowers I like best or what the heck the difference is between a princess-cut diamond and a...umm..what other kinds are there? See, I don't even know! Friends have explained it to me before, but it always goes in one ear and out the other. Guys, is this normal?

You'd think that working at a wedding magazine for the last three months would have helped me develop more opinions on the subject, but it hasn't really. However, today I did see some of the most beautiful bridal gowns here at the office, and I couldn't help but to stop and stare. For a really long time. I suppose the thing I do have the biggest opinion about is the dress (and the bridesmaid's dress--I've been in eight weddings already!). The one that caught my eye was a square-neck style with cap sleeves and lace detailing on the top--classic, yet modern. And I have TOO many opinions about bridesmaid dresses--that will have to be an entire post on its own one day!

Don't get me wrong, when the time comes, I know I will be allll about it. But until then, I'll stay chilled out about the big day--I think my boyfriend will appreciate that, haha.

What about you: Did you dream about your wedding day as a little girl? If so, and you're already married, was it everything you thought it would be?? I'm not a scrooge at all on the topic of weddings--I actually really like discussing it, so share away!


  1. I didn't. My college roomie had an accordion file of wedding ideas before she was even engaged -- it cracked me up. But way more importantly, I was just commenting to say that I was a Jon girl too. But I've converted to Joey since the NKOTB reunion last year -- he's aged better.

  2. Joey all the way.
    I did not dream of my wedding as a little girl. And now that I am a "big girl" my ideas of what I want or think is nice change with just about every wedding I go to. I do know that I want a short or tee-length dress for myself.
    And I want a band. That's about all I am certain about for now. No reason to plan anything else yet. Use that brain space for other stuff.


  3. I just got married in September and never really dreamed about my wedding as a little girl and didn't even have a very good idea when I got engaged. I didn't like wedding magazines which push the WIC (wedding industrial complex) ideas onto all brides. I ended up really liking and using wedding blogs a lot. They were real brides explaining real issues, from dress shopping, budgets, to dealing with multiple families.

    I still read some of them and some have moved on to newlywed issues. I don't know any of them, but they really helped me shape my wedding picture in my head.

  4. Umm, Kara, did your roomie even have a serious BF at the time?! I have heard of girls who start planning before they get the rock. I just think it's a shame bc it takes away the excitement. After you've planned it all, it's like THEN WHAT?! Ohh and I totally wouldn't have guessed you were a Jon girl. I agree, Joey has aged the best...Jon got all skinny.

    And I'm the same way Shannon, I see so many things at other people's weddings that I like...my opinions change a lot too. It's amazing how girls choose what they want--there are so many options! I know a lot of what I DON'T like, but making one decision on what I do like is a lot harder.

    Ohh yeah, Bec, I remember you telling me about the wedding blogs you liked. What were they again? One that I go to from time to time (just 'cause it's pretty) is Stylemepretty.com. Have you heard of it?

  5. I should have said "tea length" as in the length one would wear to a tea. Not tee length...the length of a golf tee?

    I make a motion on behalf of the F&F Nation that you create an entry on bridesmaid dresses. It could be titled, "And if you hem it, you can wear it again."
    I have been a bridesmaid only twice (program hander-outer several times -now that is where the money's at), and I was lucky enough to wear simple, flattering dresses. One was from J.Crew, and yes, I have worn it again. It was really well-made and a good fit/design.


  6. i did dream of my wedding as a little girl, but mostly just because i was sure i would marry a prince and it would be a huge deal. there would be flowers and horses. that is about as far as i got. it wasn't actually the wedding as much as it was my dress.

    in college i thought about a wedding a lot-it seemed like every girl was talking about it which i thought was weird, but whatever. then i started working with an event planner and then worked as an event planner myself so wedding details were thrown at me every minute of every day. it was difficult to NOT think about my wedding! i will admit i saved a couple things from magazines-just cute ideas that i wanted to replicate and share with brides-nothing specific to ME. other than a dress. that's right. i fell in love with a wedding dress. four years ago. pathetic.

    i know someone (ellen you know them too) that booked a church date before she got engaged....crazy!

    oh, and i kissed my poster of jon good night every day as a 3rd grader.

  7. OMG, I cannot BELIEVE how many Jon fans there are out there! Good to know I'm normal. Yes, MA, a lot of girls talked about weddings in college...hello we went to school in South Carolina! (Not that there is anything wrong with that, some of my bffs are from SC, but that's just the way it is). I was in four weddings my first year out of college, which is kinda crazy, but so so much fun!

    Haha, FnF Nation...I will totally do a bridesmaid dress post soon, Shannon!! Oh and no worries about typos or grammatical errors here, I never judge--esp about that!

  8. I didn't dream about my wedding when i was a little girl.
    Then indeed, you go to friends' wedding and you begin to know what you like or not. But I also wonder how you manage to make all the choices and organisation it needs, it's huge!
    I know if I get married, I would worry about everything, and every detail would take so much importance that i rather not think about it at all!
    Anyway by current boyfriend (for almost 5 years now) doesn't want to get married so there's no question about a wedding for me I guess!

  9. just now catching up on all of these "new" blog posts! it seems like every time i check there are like 3-4 ones i missed.

    i don't remember dreaming about my wedding day, but i've always picked out what i liked & disliked at weddings i've attended. i remember going to a cousin's wedding when i was in the 5th grade and loving the band. i actually looked at getting that same band when i was planning the big day, but they were already booked.

    as for planning-- the most important things to me were the band, booze, and food. i went a little overboard with these three things, but everyone danced a lot, was really wasted, and ate well! i also loved my dress and thought the bridesmaids dresses were really flattering. i didn't lie and say they could wear it again because they probably couldn't, but they were flattering & looked great with my dress! :)

  10. Aurore, does is bother you at all that your bf doesn't want to get married? Do you think he'll change his mind one day?

    Rachel, when did you get married?? Congrats!! Who's the lucky fellow? Yeah, I've heard a lot of people say that they pick a few things to splurge on and try to scale back in other areas. I think my priorities will be: DRESS, food, booze, music. Ha, I think I've got it all covered!!!

  11. I don't know if my boyfriend will change his mind one day but i would be sad if he didn't. Because i do want to get married one day even if it's not right now!