Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a friendly reminder...

Have you seen FnF's new home yet?! What are you waiting for? Get going! Click HERE. And update those RSS feeds while you're at it. Tie a string on your finger, put a Post-It note on your head, tattoo a reminder on your what you gotta do to get the job DONE!

Love you long time. xoxo, ELLEN

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Check it check it OUTTTT!



Don't worry, I'm not going far. Fired 'n' Fabulous has a new home, that's all. Check it out HERE! So update your URLs, and keep hittin' me with some blog L-O-V-E!

P.S. My first NYC moving experience looked scarily similar to this pic, only a hippie van that reeked of pot was involved. But this blog transition will be MUCH smoother—can't wait to see you on the new site!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Characters at the Gym: Take 3

Happy Tuesday, guys! I was in a fluster earlier dealing with a tax payment issue (arrrghh!), but luckily I saw a few characters at the gym this am who provided me with some bloggin' inspiration. Phew! Here's who I spotted:

1. Xena Chin-Boob Warrior Princess: Homegirl is JACKED and wears two sports bras to support her DD breasts, which are pushed up to her chin and hit her in the face every time she jumps up and down. Which is a lot. Her workouts seem pretty hardcore, just like her. Sometimes I catch myself staring and trying to memorize the moves her trainer is teaching her. (Does anyone remember the episode from Will & Grace when Debra Messing does this? It's hilarious!)

2. Elliptical dude. Every time I see him, he is either on the elliptical pretending to exercise or WALKING on the treadmill. Man UP, guy. It's summertime. Which means no shirt on the beach time. Which means it would be in your best interest to RUN off that beer gut you've been rocking for better part of your adult life if you plan on getting laid at all...or ever, that is.

3. Show-me-yours-and-I-won't-show-you-mine yoga teacher. So today we had a sub and she totally sucked ASS. She walked around sipping on her small coffee for like half the class (isn't it ice cold at that point?) and talked us through most of the poses. And when she decided to demonstrate something, she was just terrible. Her heels were like three inches from the floor in downward facing dog, and she barely bent her knees for chair pose and Warrior I and II. Umm yeah it burns...that's kind of the POINT.

Tell me: Have you encountered any of the characters at the gym? Who have you seen lately??

Monday, June 7, 2010

What kind of candy makes you feel like a kid again?

My boyfriend doesn't get a chance to make it back to London often, so whenever I see something in New York that reminds him a little bit of home, I get waaay excited about it. Take this English candy for example. I spotted it yesterday at Java Joe, the cutest little coffe/tea shop in Park Slope, and insisted that we buy some. (OK, so maybe part of me just wanted an excuse to eat candy, but that's besides the point.)

Doesn't it look kinda funny? Yummy nonetheless. Ohh and on the back of one of the packages there is a little reminder to go to the dentist, which is just pretty ironic since English people aren't exactly known for their pretty chompers! (Sorry hun!)

The licorice was my fave. And look how cute it is!

So in this post I wrote the food diary of my life, and my candy diary would look something like this:

Three Musketeers: Remember this Halloween costume? We were pretty much forced to like this candy from a young age. I actually like it more as an adult 'cause it's chewy and low in calories!

Mini Reeses Cups: These make me think of my obsessive/psychotic/totally unhealthy crush I had on my friend Ross all through elementary school. Every Friday after school a group of girls and boys would walk to Wheeler's to get candy (on opposite sides of the street, of course.) I always got a handful of my favorite chocolate/PB treat as I plotted ways to flirt with R. I'm sure I looked totally hottt with brown sticky stuff smeared all over my mouth!

Sour Patch Kids and Fireballs: At 10 years-old the biggest way I could think to rebel a little was with candy. Pretty crazy huh? So I'd stuff as many SPK and Fireballs into my mouth as I could stand. When I got bored with that, I moved on to...

Big-as-your-fist jawbreakers: I got these after swim meets at Cracker Barrel, and I'd lick them so hard and fast that my tongue would start bleeding, which obviously I thought was way rad.

Twizzlers and Peppermint Patties: In high school my pal Lalla and I ate these like nobody's business. No.body's.BUSINESS. It's pretty much all we ate, except for the days hours when we decided we were following the Cabbage Soup or Atkins diet.

Candy corn "Autumn Mix": So now as an adult, I get ridiculously excited for this bag of sugar crack that hits drugstores for about a month or two every fall. I just love biting off the tops of the pumpkins--someone else does this, I just KNOW it!

Tell me friends: What would your candy diary be? What kinds make you feel like a kid again?

Jobs that pay the bills vs. Jobs you're passionate about

The jobs I do only for the sake of having money to pay rent and bills are: My PT-job, babysitting, fashion closet biotch, styling assistant biotch and odd jobs like this. Sometimes the fashion work enters into the jobs-I-enjoy category because it gives me the opportunity to network and meet interesting people, which of course is always a bonus.

The two jobs I'm most passionate about are reporting (celebs, real-life people, experts, anyone) and blogging. I get paid for all of my reporting jobs, so if I could just get more consistent work, I'd be good to GO. But as we know, I don't get paid to blog, which for now is fine because I truly do love it. I'm not going to lose hope (at least not yet!) that one day I will make a little cheese blogging, whether it's for myself or another publication. I just love how it allows me to write in a personal, informal voice--it really gives me a unique sense of satisfaction. Honestly, I never thought I'd like blogging this much when I first started--now I'm addicted!

But when do I just cut the bullshit and start getting REAL? Sure, doing work that adds color to your life is important, but sometimes I wonder if what I'm chasing after is even worth it. Should I focus less on the dream and more on finding a FT j-o-b? I just don't know.

And isn't it interesting that people seem to be more obsessed than ever to find a job they are passionate about? What happened to just putting your nose down and working hard at something? I guess it's people like ME who have totally messed up that idea!

Tell me: What are your thoughts on this subject--Is finding a job you love overrated? Are you passionate about your work?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NYC Marketing Tactics at Its Finest

Friday night my bf and I planned to try a new Mexican restaurant on the Lower East Side, Casa Mezcal, but since they aren't serving their full dinner menu until later in the month, we decided to wait and go somewhere else. (Sidenote: There are enough Mexican restaurants on the LES as it is. Someone should open a new Italian restaurant in that 'hood and see what happens. Money maker fo' sho'!)

So we strolled around and came across Los Feliz, the place I had my 29th b-day party :) This was the last time I had eaten there, and even though I was so-so about the ceviche, we decided to give it another try.

This sign was the deciding factor--it definitely got my attention! I hadn't had anything to eat since lunch (I usually always have a late afternoon snack), so I totally chowed down on the chips and guac--it was so yummy. Thank goodness the entrees were small!

I got the chicken quesadillas. Purty, huh?

Bf got the chorizo con rajas tacos. I don't know what that green/orange concoction is. I'm surprised he didn't try it actually--he's much more adventurous with food than I am!

And when we left, I noticed the other side of the sign. Nice. The next time Dina Lohan gives me the "Everyone's picking on Lindsay/She just wants to work" speech (and she has), I will laugh in her face. Oh fine, no I won't. I'll probably just get her talking about dating and STDs again.

Isn't it funny how a simple as a sign can make you want to try something? (Ohh and remember
this one I saw in Chinatown?!) Have you ever tried a restaurant or bought something totally random based on the marketing/advertising for it?