Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have resurfaced from under a pile of clothes!

Hey guys! My goodness, yesterday was such a fun day, but very busy! We went pretty much nonstop until 1opm with a quick dinner break—Tiffany's homemade rissotto—and by the time my head hit the pillow at 10:30, it felt like it should be 1am! Anyway, here's what went down.

We used the studio services at Bloomingdales which means we have to keep 20 percent of anything we pull for the shoot. That's what most stylists do—otherwise, if you shop the store like normal and then return everything, the salesperson gets royally screwed on her commission!

So here I am in the studio with my bright orange Studio Services sticker. Antonio, the sweet guy who helped us all day, was laughing when I posed for a few pics. I had to explain to him that the mini photo shoot was for Fired 'n' Fabulous of course! That sticker even gave me access to the stock room. One time I went back there to find a different size in a DKNY jersey dress we were dyyying over, and one of the stock guys said to me, "Hey, you make $100,000 a year?" Me: "Umm, no, not even close." His response, "Well that's too bad because you're appearance is working for me, but I need to find a girl with money in tha bank!" My appearance is working for him? Right. Why do I have a feeling stock boy has more cheese than I do?

Anyway, we pulled a million great things—Black Halo, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Trina Turk, See by Chloe, Helmut Lang, Theory—you name it, we got it. Ohh and my new favorite line is All Saints. I'm sure it's been in Bloomingdales for forever, but I just noticed it for the first time yesterday, and it is freakin' awesome. The style has a cool, rustic flair, and the prices are reasonable too. Love it!

After our 3-hour shopping trip at Bloomies, we scarfed down our turkey wraps on the subway as we headed to our appointment at DVF where we met with a PR girl to lead us around the store and pull whatever we needed. After that, we went to a few more stores and then headed back to Tiff's apartment where we unpacked all of our great finds! I know it sounds like all glitz and glamour, but trust me, there were some not-so-fun moments as well. I have aching biceps and blistered fingers to prove it!

It was really satisfying to see everything we got. We worked hard, and I learned a lot about Tiffany's job. A day in the life of a stylist is tough man! Seriously. We had to work under a lot of parameters, like a budget being a huge one, as well as only getting certain styles and cuts of clothing. And of course, we had a few hiccups—we were given the wrong size, color and style for some pieces, but I guess that's bound to happen. Not to worry, Tiff, I'm on it!

I loved the costume jewelry from nOir Tiff called in—it's so much fun!

This post wouldn't be complete without Rocky! Look as his adorable puff jacket with a fur collar. Awww!

Alright, guys, I'm heading out to meet up with Tiffany for MORE shopping. The fitting with Susie is early tomorrow morning, so we need to make sure everything is perfect by the end of the day, and you better believe it will be.

Gosh, I would love to be a celeb so that I could have someone as talented as Tiffany style me. If you had your own stylist, what would you need help with the most? For me, I'd need guidance on execution. I have great ideas in my head, but they don't always translate how I want them to in person!


  1. UM WTF?!?!?!? He actually said that to you? What a loser douchebag! Oy...

    Super cool about the styling though. I have zero style during the day...something I should work on!

  2. Yes, Barbara, he did. I mean, I guess there are lots of women out there who go after men just for their money, but still...ick! And yes, I agree, it's hard to be consistent/stylish during the day...I'm working on that as well. It's actually easier to do in the winter I think. A basic tee/cardigan/scarf/leggings/boot outfit is a good staple look and pretty easy to put together!

  3. Ellen~

    Then main issue is TX weather is so very fickle. It was 20 on Sat and today is almost 60, it jumps like this daily. That is an exscuse but it IS a bit difficult to plan wardrobe.

    I don't even own a scarf:(


  4. There was an article on DVF in the Delta magazine last month (I love to read it when I fly) and they had some of her older ads: "Feel like a woman; wear a dress." Fabulous.

    I would love to have a stylist help me dress for going out. I am pretty sure I can dress myself for work, but when it comes to going out I know only how to dress for a wedding or for a bar. I have a little trouble with the in-between.
    And I want to wear more dresses, just as DVF says :)

  5. Ohh yes, Shannon, the in-between can be hard. What do you usually wear going out? Nice jeans outfits??