Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's your ideal scenario of how you'd meet the man of your dreams?

Last night one of my editor friends asked me to watch a few movies and make note of when certain quotes were said. Getting paid to watch movies—good movies—now that's something I can get used to! Anyway, one of the movies was an old Ethan Hawke flick, Before Sunrise. God I freakin' love that guy—I forgot how much! He's probably the only guy on the planet that can rock a goatee—the rest? Douchebags. I digress. 

The thing I love most about the movie is how romantic it is. Boy meets girl on a train to Europe. They talk, they laugh, they have a beer, they kiss, and then they fall in love. Ohh to kiss those lips. Julie Delpy, you lucky biotch! ANYWAY! 

When I moved to New York, I decided I wanted to meet a guy on the subway. I just thought it would be such a simply romantic way to meet someone, and a great story to tell friends and future grandchildren. However, I met the man of my dreams at a bar—at a loud, crowded, semi-icky bar at that. I had had entirely way too much to drink that night, but the main thing I recall is the cute British boy who made me laugh and obliged my every request to keep rap music going on the jukebox. Romantic huh? I suppose my story isn't so bad, but it's a bit of a snooze. Ohh well, I suppose it should give single ladies hope that yes, you can meet a guy in a bar!

So ladies: What's your ideal scenario of meeting the man of your dreams? And guys, have you ever asked a girl out on the subway or any other form of transportation?


  1. I knew who my boyfriend was in law school, but we started dating after going to the Claremont Lounge after a costume party...if your readers are familiar with Atlanta they know that this place is a glorified dance/strip club in the basement of a condemned hotel. I can cast no stones on how you met your honey.


  2. When I was a little kid I always wanted to meet a girl on the beach(like on vacation or something). But at that time I was rotund and usually had a nice red sunburn on my Swede-skin. So obviously that didn't happen. I went with meeting a hottie in Calculus 2 for math majors. It was romantic for sure.

  3. Haha, Shannon, yeah it really doesn't matter HOW you find him. Is this glorified strip club something I should experience next time I'm in Hotlanta?

    Ha, "rotund"...yeah, George, I think every kid had dreams of meeting someone on vacation. I did, but it always seemed so scandalous to me for some reason. But, I was just naive and awkward back then. Calculus class sounds hottt though ;)

  4. ok so i am late as usual on this post, but i love the random meeting in not so typical locations. i met my last boyfriend in a summer photography class. :)

    one of my guy friends was actually talking about picking girls up on the subway the other day. like if it was ok to do it and what he should use as a pick-up line that wasn't creepy. i couldn't really think of anything though....

  5. Ellen, I wish I could keep up with your blogs! They are fabulous! Any way, this one I HAD to comment on because as I'm sure I've told you, I had been officially "single" for almost 4 years (dating-yes, serious-never) and then... the moment I moved back home after 5 years of NOT living at home I meet someone great and totally unexpected.

    I met my now boyfriend at the LSAT! haha. Turns out we're both originally from San Diego and even went to the same college. Is life weird or what?

  6. MA, That's a good question....what pick up lines should guys use on the subway?? Thoughts anyone?

    And Michaela, that's AWESOME!! I bet that was the most fun test you've ever taken :) haha Congrats!