Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shoes are a girl's best friend

I'm actually not really a shoe fanatic, but I know a lot of women are. Tiffany and I went to Bergdorf's today to pick up a few things for the fitting tomorrow, and we couldn't help but to stop and check out the shoes.

Tiff is ob-sessed with shoes. She has several fabulous pairs in her closet, and they are sickkk. I have only one pair of designer shoes in mine—Miu Miu wedges Liza hooked me up with when she was in Milan for Fashion Week a few years ago. I actually love them, but since I suck at walking in heels, they haven't been worn in quite some time. NYC Fashion Week is less than a month away—I WILL rock them at some point during those seven days. Fabulosity is pain, bitches!

Bergdorf was having a sale, hence the mess. Those black and white Oxfords whispered "buy me, buy me!" as I walked past, but that obviously didn't happen. I don't even have a credit card these days, but I know I will be grateful for that in the long run.

Well, ladies (and gentlemen), I gotta hit the sack. I have a 5am wake up call tomorrow—our fitting with Susie starts at 7am at the Food Network offices! I'm a tad nervous, but definitely way more excited than anything. I know Tiff will kill it.

So what word would you fill in at the start of this sentence: "______ is a girl's best friend." Shoes? Diamonds? Ice cream? Any guesses what mine would be?? And guys, do you get the shoe obsession girls have? What are your favorite kicks on females?


  1. Awesome that you got this gig1 When you are busy like that, the day flys by.

    My question is why do people turn into tazmanian devils every time a store puts out a sale sign. After you try on shoes, you just put them back. Why does a sale sign mean the store wants you to trash the place?

    Luckily, as an engineer I'm not really expected to be stylish. You only need one pair of shoes, and then one type of pant and one type of shirt (just in different colors). Its nice to wear different things on the weekends even if it is just a t-shirt.

    As far as faves, it depends on the situation. Boots are usually good. I just like when the girl is wearing situation appropriate attire. Its the worst when you go out on a day trip that involves a ton of walking in some uncomfortable shoe that will make you misserable by noon.

  2. Champagne! Although shoes are close to the top. I miss beautiful heels like no other since the stupid boot and foot surgery incident. I didn't realize it until I was packing to move and opened all of their pretty boxes. It will be like Christmas when I'm allowed to wear them again. For now, thank goodness flat boots are in.

    Can't wait to hear about the fitting!

  3. sleep!!!

    alison-i broke my foot on halloween and have been in a boot since! luckily i didn't have to have surgery, so i am sending extra good thoughts to you!

    p.s. i already know what shoes with what outfit i am wearing when i can officially wear shoes again. is that sad?

  4. Good point, G, I have no idea why people go crazy and trash the place when there's a sale...even at Bergdorf's of all places! And I agree about wearing the appropriate shoe. When L and I were in Paris a couple years ago, I got all snazzed up for our night out, but my shoes hurt so bad I had to go back to the hotel to change. It was awful!!

    Yes, I totally second the champagne and sleep comments! For me, I'd say ice cream is first, then sleep, then white wine/champagne. Although, can something really be your best friend if it expands your waistline and gives you a massive headache?!