Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes: Fashion Recap

Who watched the Golden Globes last night? I tuned in, but periodically flipped to Keeping Up With The Kardashians—the dramz sucks me in every time. Anyway, there were lots of fashion hits, and a few misses. Here's a quick red carpet recap:

January Jones looked a bit overdone at first glance, but she ended up being one of my favorites of the night. I loved her dramatic ruffle sleeve and bold red lips. She's just so darn gorgeous, and you know that's saying something coming from me 'cause I don't give props to blondes often.

Sandra Bullock gets my vote for best hair—those side waves are beau-TEE-ful! 

It would be impossible for Marion Cotillard to look bad (and her makeup did look gorge), but I was just so-so about her dress. I like the roman shoulder style, but the high slit and lace slip look underneath isn't really working for me. It's like make a decision: Do you want a short dress or a long one?

Cameron Diaz rocked in red! This is the work of Rachel Zoe I do believe. The sleeves and draping in front is cool and classic. Two thumbs up, Cam.

Christina Hendricks has killller curves and she wasn't afraid to show them off in this Christian Siriano gown. I wanted to love it, but I just don't. Strapless is hard to pull off on most people, and with cha chas like hers, it's even harder. Bonus points for wearing her hair down though!

Mariah Carey never gets it right. Ever. It should be illegal for people with millions in the bank to look so shiteous all the time. Ick.

I've loved Emily Blunt ever since The Devil Wears Prada. I'm digging this blush colored gown—it's not amaaazing, but the fit is good and it looks pretty against her porcelain skin.

I can't say Penelope's Spanish-inspired gown was a favorite, but she's just so beautiful. It's like, kind of ridiculous. And she's married to Javier Bardem. Some bitches have it all, don't they?

So tell me: What were your fashion hits and misses of the night? 


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  2. I already wrote my answer on Facebook!
    I liked Kristen Bell, Jane Krakowski, Jennifer Aniston and Ginnifer Goodwin.
    I can add Kate Hudson and Courteney Cox.

    I didn't like Diane Kruger's dress even though she still looked gorgeous. And i'm not a big fan of Cameron Diaz's dress, i think the shoulders look weird.
    Marion Cotillard looks gorgeous (and i'm not just saying that because she's french! ;) ) but i'm with you on the dress, there was something wrong with it that i can't explain, and i also didn't like her hair.

    And Sandra Bullock's hair look great indeed!

    I have a question! What would you wear on an event like that?

  3. Sandra Bullock was hands down my fave. Next was Anna Paquin. I also though Drew Barrymore & Maggie Gylenhall looked phenomenal (and usually aren't my faves).

  4. SHITEOUS!!!! LOVE IT! Gonna steal it:)

    Halle looked Amah-sing! The cut out dress was a real show stopper. I couldn't get onboard Drew's dress but I loved her flustered real speech.

    Meryl's speech was my fav though:)

    Um Mariah = $$ can't buy taste, EVER!

  5. Ohh Aurore, GOOD question! I'm super-paranoid about my arms, so I'd probably go for something like Cameron's dress. (No worries that it's not your fave!) I just thought it was cool for some reason, but it might not work on a shorty like myself. If I had Oliva Wilde's bod, I'd probably do a sparkly, plunging number like she did, ha! Ohh and I could see myself wearing January Jones's dress...classic and feminie. Plus, black always looks good!

    Eve, I really liked Sandra's dress at first glance bc the color was so pretty, but I didn't love the material. She looked gorge though, I'm just being picky. I agree about Maggie G...I loved her look, and she usually is a favorite of mine!

    So true, Barbara, money can't buy taste...she is living proof of that every.single.DAY. Ugh!