Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy red carpet fashion in five words or less

You guys know how grumpy I get on Sundays, so the most I'm able to muster up about the Grammy fashion tonight will be written in five words or less—straight off tha dome. And please know that I am not trying to be funny—I'm just lazy and uninspired.

Skinny, sparkly, swan

Chin Boobs

Hair, I want it

No. Why? No.


Blueberry tranny

Grandma's sofa

See Britney

Unoriginally original

Pretty, kinda cool, eh

Predictable, but hottt

Tell me: How would you describe each look in five words or less? What were your biggest hits and misses of the night? Am I am the only one that thought the fashion was a total snooze?!


  1. 此處是值得一探究竟的好部落格!!.........................

  2. LMAO at the Britney comment, will she EVER learn????

    I was less than inspired by what I saw. I DO want Pink's hot new body..holy s%&t! push-up bra!
    Jennifer..Er, there is always room for jello???



  3. OMG, Barbara, I was dyyying over Pink's hott bod!! I wonder what she eats/does for exercise?! Oh wait, she's on the cover of Women's Health, I'm going to read that cover story stat! And yeah, Taylor did need a little something to give her girls a boost :)

  4. Apparently Pink is a veggie, so that may have something to do with her svelte figure. Also - I bet that "Pink du Soleil" act is a GREAT workout. So just get you some silks for trapeze work at your house and you are set...easy, right?
    I was glad to see her with her man again. He looked kinda hot, actually. I normally don't go for the moto-cross look, but he cleaned up real nice without losing his edge.


  5. Yeah, I've heard about those trapeze workouts—they seem really hard! Anything using your own body weight is killer. Yes, I thought Carey was looking pretty smokin', too. He's a cutie. With and edge.

  6. MILEY did it RIGHT. Girl is looking fabulous! Everyone else above--yuck!

  7. Eve, I'm so glad someone else liked Miley as much as I did! She always goes for that "rock 'n' roll" look, but it works for her. I didn't like her rings, it was a bit much, but the overall look was Fab, indeed!

  8. holy crap, elle, your captions totally cracked me up!!! my fave was blueberry tranny.

  9. Thea, what a compliment coming from one of the funniest people I know! I like Fergie, so a teensy part of me feels bad for calling her a tranny, but ya know, I'm a straight shooter.

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