Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo Shoot Sunday: Too much vodka, not enough boyz

Hey guys, so finally I have our Friday night recap! The other week I entered to win a FREE happy hour at Turtle Bay in Midtown, and I won! My friends got half off on drinks and appetizers—don't say I never hook you up, girls :) The bar is a bit of a combination of fratastic and guido (I heard Ronnie from Jersey Shore was there on Wednesday!), but I'm never selective when FREE drinks are involved. 

Me and Liza!

My drink of choice was vodka-waters with lemon and lime. It's an acquired taste, but the low calorie count is so worth it. And ok, I'm pretty sure my outfit is totally guy-repellent. My bf doesn't love boyfriend jeans, and paired with a plaid flannel, it's even less feminine. I liked it though, and I guess that's all that matters. What do you think guys—would you approach a girl in this getup? 

Here's the crew! I realized about two hours in that none of us had talked to even one boy. The problem is, we always have so much fun with each other, we don't really go scouting for men unless it just kinda happens. I know, I know, I always talk a big game about helping my friends meet guys and I never deliver. It's hard!

I forgot why Mary Allen gave me a thumbs down sign. Maybe she wanted me to get out of her face—everyone eventually got really annoyed with my constant picture taking!

Of course I came prepared with FnF stickers—everyone wore one on their sleeve. We even got the DJ to make an announcement about the blog! I don't think anyone was really listening, but it was still cool! 

I have no idea why, but I told the bartenders it was my birthday so they'd let me back there to take a pic with them! And actually, they were quite attentive—I'd go back!

We had so much fun dancing—it's been a while since I've really busted out my moves. Tiff had the best gangster face of the group!

We were finally approached by guys towards the end of the night. That part is a bit fuzzy, but at least I have this pic as proof. Well, it's only one guy, but I know there were more!

Jenn, work it mama!

Jenn's little sis, Stacy, rocked an FnF sticker on her face Nelly style. That's a good look for you, girrrl.

Question: How old is too old to thug it out in pics?

Everyone our group is in this pic, so I'm a bit confused (and worried) about who I let walk all the way upstairs to take it. Hrm...

So yeah, that was our night. Even though there weren't many boys on the scene, we had fun just dancing and acting silly. 

The weekend went by so fast—I'm sad it's over! My jobless situation is always in my thoughts, but it weighs even heavier on my mind when Sunday night rolls around. Just feel lucky if you are going to work tomorrow. Seriously. So, how was your weekend and has anyone found a "cure" for the Sunday night blues?! Blah!


  1. I'm not a guy but i think you look great in that outfit!

    I'm just like you about sunday night, i hate it! So yeah if anyone has a cure fot that, tell us!

  2. i had SOOO much fun!!! and yes, the boyz part is hazy.....i woke up with a panini in my purse. but i do know that the one picture of all of us was taken by the bartender.

    i love you and thanks for including me!

  3. I am jealous of the fun you guys had! Who needs boys when you have that much fun AND you wake up with a sandwich in your purse.

    As for the "Sunday Stomach" phenomena, I am not sure how to help you. Just look forward to the opportunity that Monday holds, I guess. Or enjoy the shows that come on TV Sunday night. Other alternatives - find a sunday trivia game or something to wind down from the weekend. Me, I enjoy cooking and having the house to myself (because the BF goes to his bowling league).

  4. Ellen~

    You're simply too fab to NOT find a job worthy your awesomeness soon. I am sending you job vibes!

    Oh man! those pics make me think to when I was 27-28 tearing up the bars and men:) hehe

  5. Points to you for posing with not just one, but all the bartenders! Sometimes it is necessary to pull the fake birthday card. I agree- your outfit is so relaxed and chic. Seems like you had a perfect night of hijinks and free drinks!

  6. Why thank you, Aurore!

    LOL, MA! The ol' panini in the purse stunt, eh? That is hilarious. Was it half eaten?

    Shannon, you're right about Sunday. Just cooking and relaxing sounds great...I NEED to cook more! And yes, Monday is an opportunity for things to come. Thanks for the positive outlook :)

    I appreciate the job vibes, B! I need 'em!

    Thanks, Kelly! And yes, I need to pull the fake bday trick more often...the attention was fun! And also embarrassing...

  7. I think the flannel outfit is cute. Some people can pull it off (You did) It looks like you had an awesome time! Its been a while since I've cut loose. K might be like "what about 3 weeks ago?" But I don't really remember getting silly, and dancing has really been a while. Mostly just at weddings, I'm a sucker for free boose.

  8. Thanks, G! Always like reassurance when I'm not so sure on an outfit. That's the worst feeling, when you like an outfit, but aren't sure if it translates the right way. And yes, free booze are always a good thing...I applied for ANOTHER free happy hour at the same bar, it will be awesome if I get it again!

  9. I go to church some Sunday nights and it definitely cures the "blahs"