Sunday, January 17, 2010

I feel like I've been hit by a bus

I must be getting old because now at 7:13pm, my hangover is still lingering, and I feel like absolute shit. Last night I went to dinner with my boyfriend and a few friends, and then we went out for a few drinks (literally) afterwards. Hence my confusion as to why I have a headache that just won't quit!

We started at an English restaurant called Clerkenwell on the Lower East Side. I got the Waldorf salad, which was yummy, but I couldn't finish the chicken. Hello, can I get some lettuce with my salad?!

Fish 'n' chips!

Next we headed to Hi-Fi in the East Village for my friend Kathleen's birthday party. We're friends from my last job, the job, and I was a little worried I'd have a few awkward run-ins, but it ended up being all good!

We played Big Buck Hunter and I totallly sucked. I wish I was the cool girl who was awesome at guy games—pool, darts, etc.—but um, I'm not. At all.

Eve is that girl, and Ashley wasn't bad either. I had issues with the pump and shoot rhythm with the gun. Does anyone else suck at this game or am I the only one? 

Eve was the victor, and left the guys with bruised egos. Way to go, girl!

So girls: Are you good at bar games? And guys: Is it a turn-on if a girl kicks your ass at a game of pool? And tell me friends, how was your weekend? Who's watching the Golden Globes right now? I am, I am!


  1. I'm not competitive in general, so as long as the girl is playing I'm happy. I can only play pool and darts with a 2 beer buzz, so if we just got there or have been there a while I will probably lose. I finally figured out how to prevent (most)hangovers a couple of years ago. Its just a ton of water. I drink 2 pints before bed, I will have to pee every couple of hours due to all of the alcohol and water. Everytime I wake up to pee I drink another pint of water. In the mornign I'm ususally fresh as a daisy.

  2. Unlike george, i am somewhat comepitive. But if its all in good fun and about having a good time then I love it when girls play, even if they are not the best "gamers" in the room. However, if its a semi serious game of beer pong or pool against some people who have been talking a little trash, don't raise your hand to be my partner. In all honesty, im not that good at the hunter games either.

  3. Good to know girls with non-gaming skillz won't be judged too harshly, guys! Ohh I forgot to mention one game I KICK ASS at...Pop-a-Shot! At least that's what it was called back in the day...the basketball game. I challenged and BEAT a bunch of guys at this game at a party a few months ago, but everything went downhill the drunker I got...I think the 2 beer buzz rule is a good one, George.

  4. i LOVE buck hunter. LOVE IT! it's my all time favorite bar game. other than photo hunt of course.

  5. Ohh yes, I'm good at Photo Hunt, too. I wish Dr. Mario on Nintendo was still around bc I used to kick ASS at that game back in the day!