Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to Chinatown

Even though my boyfriend's apartment is just a few blocks from Chinatown, it's not somewhere I venture to often. Yesterday though, we met up with another couple for some Dim Sum and it was yummm.

It was kinda cool being in a new 'hood for a change. Sure, it's smelly and crowded (don't ever walk through Chinatown if you're in a hurry), but you just gotta embrace it.

We actually were in a bit of a hurry because we didn't want to be late for lunch, so I quickly snapped this pic. Mmm, fish heads anyone?

Right, so I was so absorbed with taking it all in (the interior decorating was quite distracting), that I didn't even notice the name of the restaurant, gosh darn it! It's on Mott street between Canal and Hester. Even my best Google Map research didn't lead me to an answer, but I'll find out somehow and report back! Anyway, it was like a buffet on wheels--my kind of place! The servers were serious salesmen, er, women:"You want pork, you want pork, you WANT pork?!" They can be quite agressive, so you just have to be firm. If it sounds a bit shady, it probably is.

We kept it pretty basic with pork, vegetable and shrimp dumplings with crispy fish sticks.

I have no idea what this is, and I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to find out--even my friends who tried it weren't sure. Apparently it tasted like a noodle with "some mashed up stuff" inside. Hmm, not sure about that one.

When in doubt, go for Singapore noodles! Never fails.

We drank lots of tea, so I was feeling too full for dessert, but these lemon tarts got good reviews.

I recommend going here for a "New York experience" whether you're a local or just visiting. It was cheap as hell, too--less than $50 for four people, and we ate quite a bit. Anyone out there Dim Sum experts and have suggestions on more things I should try next time? What's your favorite Chinese dish?


  1. Found the name! Dun Juang Seafood Restaurant

  2. was there tonight at joe's shanghai!!! ate a whole plate of soup dumplings. :)

  3. Soup dumplings, mmm that sounds good. But it was at Dun Juang's...there are a few similar restaurants on that street!

  4. there is a great Vietnamese place just off canal and walker called nha trang. great green curry and super cheap for lots of food!

  5. Ahhh, sounds yummy, Lauren! THANKS!!