Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bachelor Blog 3: How many times do you go out with someone before you cut them loose?

Who watched The Bachelor on Monday? I just watched it this am on Hulu. So to catch everyone up to speed, Jake was supposed to say adios to just two ladies, but ended up giving the boot to FOUR. Talk about some muy chicas tristes up in that casa! (Who's jealous of my Spanish skillz? I can't say for sure why I'm randomly busting them out?) Who knows. An.y.way...

Jake isn't messing around. Literally. He basically told Kathryn that he wanted to bone, yes bone, her (well, I think he actually said something about "being lost in her eyes" barf), and then he kicks her off the show! Jake was worried that there was nothing beyond physical attraction. Umm, is that such a bad thing? And, she was from KENTUCKY gosh dang'it! And then there was Ella from Tennessee (good call), then the chick with the whacked out green eyeshadow and then Ashleigh. I thought Ash was totally gorge—she has awesome, I mean awesome wavy blonde hair and bangin' curves—what else do you need, dude? And, he gave Vienna a rose! WTF?! Homegirl needs to buy some better extensions with all that money she's got. I digress.

I do understand where Jake is coming from—I've never been one to "waste" my time. I just don't think it's fun spending time with someone (even for a FREE meal) that I'm not really into. With that being said, I was a little unsure about my boyfriend when I first met him. Sure, he was super-cute, charming and had a British accent, but I didn't know right away that I'd end up feeling bananas for him—it took a little time. So that brings me to my question.

How many times do you go out with someone before cutting them loose? Do you think Jake made a smart move? Ohh maybe he kicked someone off that he knows he wants to bring back later so he's the one that has the "most dramatic season yet!" 


  1. dunno- hasn't happened to me yet! love your recaps by the way! and did you ever write about how you met said bf? that is interesting to me! =D

    they are probably creating more drama for when he brings backsomeone. LAME.


  2. Hmmmm typically I know in one date but I generally give it two to be fair.

  3. Trayn, I just realized I forgot to answer your question. I met my bf through mutual friends, just out at a bar one night. Not too exciting or romantical, but at least I found him in this crazy city!!