Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll be the best errand bitch you've ever had

That's what I told Tiff when she asked if I wanted to assist her on a 3-day styling assignment she's doing for Susie Fogelson, Sr. VP of the Food Network and judge for the show, The Next Food Network Star. (Love that show—anyone watch it last season?!) 

I'll be running around the city as Tiff's right-hand woman doing absolutely anything she needs. I have a feeling it will be labor-intensive, but I totally see it as an extra little workout, so it's more than OK by me. I'm off to meet her at Bloomingdale's right now to start shopping! Wait a minute, just last week I was getting paid to watch movies, and NOW I'm getting paid to shop—well, help shop—this is sweet! My bank account is still at an all-time low, but I'm pushing that out of my mind so I can focus on the next few days. I'm the queen of bitch work—bring it on!!!

So, I'll try to check back later, but I have no idea what the schedule will be like today. We'll see how it goes! I'll give you a full report as soon as I can.

Speaking of shopping, has anyone bought anything good lately? Any good deals out there??


  1. Good luck Ellen! Sounds like a fun & hectic few days! :)

    As for purchases, I need to be blocked from jcrew. I check the sale every morning & have gotten myself into a lot of trouble this week. I am currently stalking a few coats that I probably don't need since I live in SC.

  2. Have a fun time girl!

    Hmmm bargins? Well a snagged a ton of sale items at Sephora last week. Awesome sale on right now!

  3. Sounds like your errand job will be a good way to spend a few days (and earn a few $$).

    I bought a new "wedding dress" on Bluefly today. A "wedding dress" is a dress that I wear to weddings and parties over and over again. I had worn my previous "wedding dress" too many times, and it was time to get another dress so that there was some variety in photos of me at parties.

    Hopefully this will fit the bill. Otherwise I need to make a run to Loehman's STAT. Wedding season begins Feb 6 for me. Four on the books for the year already.


  4. Ohh yes, J.Crew has some great things. They had a yellow coat with a bow on it this winter (did you see it?) that was so cute. Umm, maybe you should just buy some winter stuff and then plan a skiiing trip to justify them ;)

    Ohh good to know, Barbara, I have a Sephora gift card for Christmas that I haven't used yet!

    haha, Shannon, at first I was like wedding dress?! Is there something she needs to share with us? I really like the dress—great purchase! The pleats in the front are really cool, you'll get a lot of wear out of that. Surprisingly, I have NO weddings on the books yet for 2010! Shocker!