Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to talk to guys in sports bars

College basketball season is upon us, ladies, and I'm here to equip you with the information you need to snag a guy's attention in a sports bar. Well, I was never successful in this arena, so I tapped an outside resource to get the 411. 

Remember my brother Foster from the Football 101 post? He knows a lot about sports and even more about bars, so I thought he'd be the perfect person to get a few tips from. Here's our interview:

FnF: How can a girl make the first move if she sees a guy she likes?
Foster: A great icebreaker is asking him what team he's cheering for and why. 
FnF: What other types of questions should you ask?
Foster: If the guy looks like he's into the game, easy questions are best: What teams are playing? What are their rankings?  Who's the best player? 
FnF: Will he be annoyed if you ask too many questions?
Foster: Well, since he didn't stay home to watch the game, chances are he's at the bar for the atmosphere and to meet people as well. First, you have to feel him out. You can see how into the game he is by his reactions to calls the ref makes. The game might take precedence for a while, but don't let that discourage you. I don't care what game is on, if I'm into a girl and she's trying to talk to me, I'm going to talk to her!
FnF: Is it possible to ask a stupid question?
Foster: If a guy is really into you, no question can be too stupid. However, I would avoid pretending to know more than you really do—a guy can see through that. One time a girl claimed to be the biggest football fan ever for a certain team, and then she got all the players names wrong. She also tossed out obscure football terms that just didn't make sense—it was a turn off. 
FnF: And most importantly, what should girls wear to a sports bar?!
Foster: I wouldn't recommend wearing anything too revealing. Cute and casual is best, like a nice jeans outfit or black leggings and a T-shirt. Sports bars are a great because they bring girls back down to earth and make them more approachable, so that's how you should present yourself. It's always a plus if you're wearing a T-shirt for the same team the guy is cheering for, too!

Thanks, Fos! So what do you think about these tips? Do you have any of your own stories to share or more questions for Foster? 


  1. Today's movie quote on FB is Four Weddings and a Funeral...after the Funeral. The saddest part of the movie.

    I really love that film.
    (I would have commented on FB, but my work computer only let's me look at the FB. I can't seem to comment on it).

    Good advice from Foster, btw.

    If a guy is REALLY into a game, shoot him some coy glances, but don't interfere too much. You don't want to seem pushy.


  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to put this IMPORTANT note out there.. If a guy has money riding on the game, or any kinda bet for that matter (especially money), don't root for the opposing team.. I don't care if your Dad is the president of the university, DON'T CHEER AGAINST THE TEAM a guy you like has bet on..

  3. Good advice, I'll use all these points and see if it works!

  4. Good call, Shannon, no one has guessed the movie yet on my FB page! Maybe you should comment on it when you're not at work :)

    Foster, how the heck is a girl supposed to know if a guy has money on a game?!

    And yes, Jizzelle, test out the tips and report back...I think some of my friends are going to do the same this weekend!