Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What every girl SHOULD know about football.

To say my brother, Foster, is a sports fanatic would be an understatement. He knows everything about every sport and player. If licking toe jam was a sport, he'd be an expert on it, too. Even though I'm pretty athletic and grew up in a sporty family, I don't follow sports much—especially *gasp* during football season. So to help a sister out (and all of my lovely FnF readers) here is Foster's tutorial in Football 101. Follow his words of wisdom and be prepared to impress your boyfriend, guy pals or the next cute group of guys you come across at a sports bar!

Football is upon us, and I am here to help you take advantage of most men's favorite sporting season. Whether it's NFL or NCAA, there are a few basic things a sports novice should know. At the very least, know the Division 1 college or NFL teams in your area. Things you should know about them should include: whether they are good or not and who they play next. I would also recommend that you know one offensive player and one defensive player. The offensive player should be a skill player.  That means he is an offensive player that will either run, catch, or throw the ball. Any defensive player will do, but I personally like when a girl knows about the guys that get a lot of tackles, sacks (tackling the quarterback) and interceptions.

(Look at this pic. Doesn't this look like the face of a guy who is serious about his sports?!)

To find out if a team is good or not, pick up a local paper or go to a sports info site on the web. I recommend because it isn't as overwhelming as many of the others. If you need detailed help navigating your way around the paper or internet, write a comment here, and I will be sure to help ya out. Find the name of the city your team plays in and see what their record (wins and losses) is. If you are touching up on your NCAA/COLLEGE FOOTBALL, you need to go to the rankings. There are many different rankings, but for the next few weeks, the AP POLL is the most important one. If the team you are looking for is not among them, just glance over the top 10 or so. Chances are, your team will play one of them at some point. Clicking on any of the teams will take you to some sort of homepage for that particular team. From that page you should be able to see who they played last and who they play next..  You can probably find out who the best players are as well.

It is not important for a girl to memorize sports trivia and stats, so if you think you need to, you are mistaken. Fact is, most guys want a girl to know something relevant. It doesn't need to be very in-depth. I always thought I wanted to marry a girl that loved sports. WRONG!!!  If a girl loves sports like I do, then work would be my only breath from the relationship. Sports guys just want a girl who knows a lil' bit about what's going on, and can understand why we wanna know every detail.


Your goal by Saturday morning should be to know: who your local NFL or DIV 1 COLLEGE team play; are they good thus far; one offensive player and one defensive player. Yeah, you have homework, but its really easy!

Thaaanks, Fos! I'm gonna get on that homework—stat! I'll report back to impress you with my new fountain of sports knowledge. Btw, I read the cover article on Lebron James in this month's issue of Vanity Fair. Betcha didn't read that one yet. Proud of me???

Write your sports comments and questions for Foster here!


  1. WHAT?! You went to Clemson and are not a football fan. Granted, the ACC is an inferior football conference when compared with...well...everyone else (esp. the SEC!!!) Yes, I just made a football insult on your blog.
    Foster - Are you pro-USC (the one in California, not the one with that terrible, visor-wearing, SOB with the chickens as mascots) or are you ready for them to get smacked down by someone so they can go away for awhile. But hey, at least they showed us that "The" OSU is not the football powerhouse it claims to be.


  2. Whoa Shannon, you're heating things up on FnF and I'm kind of LOVING IT!!! You called me out and that's cool. I have nothing to hide. I might have learned next to nothing about football during my four (and a half) years at Clemson, but that doesn't mean I wasn't a true fan. I woke up every Saturday morning at 10am to start tailgating (/drinking myself into oblivion) and cheering the Tigers to victory. That's devotion!!!

    I obviously have no idea what you're asking Foster, so I'll let him handle that one. Fuzzy, where you at?

  3. Like most SEC fans, I think all teams are inferior to SEC teams (from top to bottom, that is)... I feel that the SEC is the NFL developmental league and all other teams are NCAA Div 1..
    As for USC, I only wish them to get smacked down after they go undefeated in the reg season and have to play an SEC team in a bowl game.. It just reiterates my point that they are only a powerhouse bc they have mastered the style of play of all their normal opponents.. They recruit for conference play, not the Championship game...
    Don't get me started on OSU.. Tressel will be gone after Pryor leaves and Florida showed everyone on earth that OSU is ONLY a Big 10 powerhouse... Hope that answers your question...

  4. Ok, let's speak ENGLISH please for the football novice over here! I understand everything except the end. Who is Tressel and Pryor? I assume Pryor is the coach and Tressel is a key player?? I will add that to my homework list!

    And, silly question...what is a "Big 10 powerhouse??" I would assume that's a good thing, but the way I'm reading it sounds negative?? Please excuse my ignorance!

  5. So close, Pryor is the star QB and Tressel is the coach (He has small round bifocals and always wears a sweater vest).

    You are correct that being a Big 10 powerhouse is a good thing. But, as you sensed, he is saying that the big 10 is very weak and so are all conferences compared to the SEC. Foster believes the SEC powers would dominate OSU.

  6. Gotcchhaa, thanks for the break down, Flip!

  7. Soooo Foster just for you I'm going to go do some football homework! Good blog Fos...

  8. thanks for sharing this Fos and Ellen too ^_^ my boyfriend's a HUGE football fan,he used to play in high school so he always keeps up.
    He tried giving me a short tutorial about it.. but uhhmm.. i dont think it stuck to my brain :D
    When he would start talking about it, i'd smile as sweetly as I can and bat my eyelashes.. he gets the idea that I have utterly no idea what on earth he is talking about lol
    Im not gonna lie though, I got lost as soon as Fos said something about knowing the offensive and defensive lol I never was good at sports & i cant just make myself like knowing the mechanics even though I have to ^_^

  9. Glad I'm not the only clueless one, O!

    Jizzelle, how's our football homework coming along?