Saturday, September 19, 2009

I did my football homework PLUS extra credit!!!

Per Foster's orders, I learned the basic fundamentals of football today. Instead of researching teams in the New York area, I decided to start with Kentucky football. I thought that was a smart choice because whenever I meet new people, they ask if I'm a UK fan and my response is always, "Uhhh...yeah...kinda...of course!" Not only did I learn about how the game is played (I seriously didn't know the basic rules), but I also now know a few of the key players:

Quarterback: Hartline
Runningback: Lock (He scored the first touchdown! Interesting factoid: He originally came to UK on a track scholarship.)
Linebacker: Johnson

Not bad, right? For extra credit, I met friends at the Village Pourhouse in the East Village to watch the game. I don't remember the last time I actually watched a football and tried to follow what was going on!

The saying, "No question is a dumb question" didn't apply to the riduclously basic questions I was asking, but I was with a great group of people that were more than happy to be my teacher. This is my friend Blair. She gave me a great explanation of what the job of a linebacker is: "A linebacker sacks people, and is like the quarterback of defense. He plays in the middle and organzies people." Quarterback of defense...I like that, and I will be using that phrase again :)

My friend Carla was in from out of town, so I left the Kentucky game a bit early and met her a few blocks away at Blind Pig to watch the end of the Clemson game.

I hadn't seen Carla in waaay too long, so we really didn't watch much of the game because we were to busy catching cup! Look at her cute beer koozie, isn't it awesome?!

I must have been a good luck charm today because both the Wildcats and Tigers won! Foster, what do you think, do I get an A for this assignment?

Who else did their football homework? And what games were you watching this weekend?


  1. So fun seeing you on Saturday and I especially loved this particular blog post! Good recap of the games and if I were Foster, I'd definitely give you an A+ for this weekend. GO CATS!

  2. Blair, thanks for the A+ AND for entertaining all my football questions!!

  3. any time you want to go to the clemson alumni game watch spot, i will totally go with you. or you know, just hang out. whatever!

  4. Definitely! Meeting up with friends will help motivate me to watch the games!!

  5. Good WORK!
    You watched TWO football games and asked questions. A+ totally.


  6. Thanks, Shannon! Wow, two A+ grades...that's two more than I've ever had in my whole life! haha