Monday, September 21, 2009

An important message from the FIP boyz

Remember this awesome video I posted last week? Well, the guys popped off their Raybans to send you this very important message:

Ha, you didn't really think they'd go and get all serious on you all of a sudden, did you? I love these guys—no wonder their "Party in the USA" vid got over a million views!

What song do you think they should do next? (Don't say "I Gotta Feeling" by BEP—that one's MINE!)


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  2. These Guys! are great! make me smile, and strangely made me like Mileys track more!

  3. I KNOW! I didn't love Miley's track before this video came out either. She should be thanking THEM!

  4. What does FIP stand for? Someone please email me at and tell me. :)