Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Wedding Edition in Malaga, Spain

Hey guys! So I FINALLY have some wedding pics from my Spain trip to share. Sorry it has taken me so long, but my camera died so I had to harass people for their photos. So, I was still going back and forth on which dress to wear on the day of the wedding. so I decided to go with your popular vote. Drumroll please...

OK, so you can hardly even SEE the dress (I loved the pic though because of the fan), but I went with black. As much as people sometimes try to avoid wearing black because it's too boring, sometimes you just have to go with what makes you feel good. 

 By the third day of drinking like a fool, laying by the pool like a bum and eating cheese sandwiches for breakfast, I started to worry that I had come all this way to Spain to do what I could do in Panama City, FL. However, the wedding was such a cool experience that I instantly felt better for my 19 year-old behavior. The church was on top of a cliff—you had to ride in an old rickety elevator to get to it. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit scary, but look how beautiful the church is. 
Here is a picture of the courtyard where the cocktail hour was. It was amazing. The Spanish waiters looked so sharp with their slicked back hair and black button-up shirts. This was definitely one of the best cocktail hours I have ever been to. The scenery was beautiful, and the yummy food and drinks just kept coming and coming. (Mojito for me, please!) Sorry, I don't have pictures of the food. I know you're sad, I am too :(

We then went to find our seats at the outdoor reception. These cute little things are noise makers—and they even had the the guests' names on them! At one point during the dinner, "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers came on, and all 250 guests clapped their noise makers with the music—it was AWESOME. It was like something you'd see out of a movie.

After we ate our meal, a flamenco dancer put on a performance, and man was she GOOD. She shook her hips Shakira style; I loved it.

 And here we have the beautiful bride and groom, Claire and Jonathan. They were so sweet together the whole night, and it truly looked like they were having a blast. I love that.

This was the first destination wedding I'd ever been to. Have you been to one? What was it like?


  1. Excellent choice with the black dress - with a neckline like that, black is not boring. Very elegant and sexy.
    I was in a wedding in Hawaii a few years ago. The groom was from Taiwan and the bride from Chicago, so they met in the middle to make it easier on his family. It was beautiful, but really pricey.

  2. What a beautiful wedding and wedding guest! Love it Elle! A year ago today I was at a beautiful wedding in Aruba. The couple was married in Cape Cod 2 weeks earlier with family only and then had the celebration of all celebrations in Aruba. Such a pretty, laid back, little island. Ah, to be there again today! :-)

  3. Hawaii and Aruba, how fun!! Yes, it is pricey, but if you make it your one big trip for the year, it is worth it. Those are experiences that don't come around often, so you kind of have to jump on the chances if you're able to.

    Would you guys want a destination wedding?? As lovely as it sounds, I don't think I would. I suppose I'm too practical. There are a lot of fun tho!!