Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Fashion's Night Out!

Last night, throughout the five boroughs of New York, over 700 retailers and designers opened their stores to the public to shop until 11pm. I had five stores on my list, but only made it to three. It was fun hopping from party to party—it was kind of like a bar crawl for fashionistas. 

Our first stop was at Thread Social. We stayed there the longest because our friend Nicole does PR for them and because the crowd was fun and the waiters were extremely attentive to our need for constant champagne refills. 

Photographers and random party-goers snuck photos of Jenn and Virginia. No one wanted to snap a pic of the short girl in the $25 size 6 jeans, but that's cool; I know my place in the fashion world and I'm totally fine with it. I have no shame riding my friend's coattails—what a fun ride it has been!
Virginia is friends with Jenn and my sis, but this was the first time I really got to know her. She is so sweet and I love her style—a cool tee with a skirt or dressy pair of pants is one of my favorite looks. Thank goodness I had my favorite heels on—Virginia's one tall drink of water! 

I loved this girl's dress, and man did she have the body to wear it! There were so many chic people at the party, but there one was group of guys that really stuck out. Not in a good way.

There was a group of guys in jackets and ties—undoubtedly Wall St. banker tools hoping to get laid. No luck, guys? Didn't think so. We had heard that Tyrese Gibson was supposed to show up, so we tried to hang around as long as possible, but we wanted to hit up a couple more parties. However, as we were gearing up to leave, I did see Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project

This might not be very interesting to some of you, but I am a big fan of the show so I was excited. I must say, Brad was looking pretty daper in a bow tie and his usual thick-rimmed specs. If we hadn't been leaving, I would have approached him. Brad, you escaped me this time, but the next time I see you, we will talk and you will love it. Pinky promise. (On a side note, I apologize that some of the pics are a bit blurry. Luke is always getting on me for leaving my camera lens cover down, and now I see why! Eek!)

Next we were off to the Billy Reid party—the atmosphere was really cool and cozy. These girls were over-the-top trendy, but they definitely made a statement. I really liked this girl's fuzzy, Russian-inspired hat—she totally pulled it off. The bevs at this party were quite different from the last, but that's what made each one fun and unique!

A large container of iced Pabst Blue Ribbon, nice. I was about to crack one open, but then my eyes landed on this:

The whiskey bar. I'm not a huge fan of whiskey, but it was appealing to drink something other than champagne or vodka for a change. Let's be honest, I really just loved the pretty little bottles! There were no mixers, so I had my drink straight up on the rocks. That's hardcore, y'all.

The next party was at Oak, and it had a super-fun vibe. Just look at the graffiti on this accessory case!
I also loved this collage of pop idols on the wall—Madonna, Janet, Michael, even New Kids—it was sweet! We grabbed a vodka-cranberry and headed outside for some fresh air because it was getting so crowded inside. Within five seconds, these guys approached Jenn to ask if they could photograph her. Yes, again. I think when we go out, people must assume I'm Jenn's publicist. Haha
 It was hilarious to see Jenn blush as these guys started snapping away—she couldn't even look at the camera. If it had been me, I would have been like BAM, pose. BAM, what? (Ok, no I wouldn't have, but I would have at least tried to work it out just a little). These uber-chic guys have a fashion blog called Leopard Milkshake—check it ouuut. 

Whew, long post today—hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to leave any your fashion Qs for me here!


  1. Ellen, proud of you for the whiskey, straight up too! All KY girls should drink whiskey (well technically Bourbon) sometimes :)

    And I also love the The Rachel Zoe Project and Brad. I want to come to NYC for fashion week sometime, it looks like so much fun!

  2. Your blog is amazing! Thanks for the debut lol. Its much appreciated. Tell Jenn her pics will be up soon. Both of your ladies were very chic! Muahhhh


  3. I'm gutted that I'm in London right now! Remind me next time to stay put, should have rescheduled the visit home.

    Also, great work on the blog, it's coming along nicely.

  4. Becca, come to Fashion Week in February—why haven't we thought of this before?!?

    Unholy, hopefully I'll have enough Fashion Week Pics up to make you feel like you were here!

    Mario and Torr—can't wait to see Jenn's pics, I'll let her know! Maybe I'll bump into you two again during Fashion Week! :)

  5. you met brad from rachel zoe? i love him! do you know who makes his glasses? i tweeted that question to rachel zoe and she didn't answer... bummer! -renee

  6. No, I don't know about Brad's glasses, but if I happen to cross paths with him again, I'll ask!

    I'm on the hunt for a pair of thick-rimmed glasses myself. My friend got a cool, cheap pair from Aldo a few months ago, but I haven't seen them in the stores recently. I'm hoping they come back out soon!