Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's your favorite Sunday brunch?

An egg white ham and cheese omelette with whole wheat toast used to be my brunch meal of choice, but recently oatmeal has taken it's place. I used to always go back and forth about whether I was in the mood for something savory or sweet (even though I knew I'd end up getting the omelette), but with oatmeal I never feel that way. I can look at other people's fluffy blueberry pancakes and eggs benedict dishes without regretting my choice. Today Luke and I hit up Brown Cafe on the Lower East Side, both of us with intentions of getting oatmeal. Well, here's what I got:
I started off my meal with my favorite beverage, a skim latte. Skim lattes usually all taste the same to me, but this one was really good. I think the big mug may have given it bonus points.

I ordered my oatmeal with strawberries and raisins, maple syrup on the side. I'm aware that too much sugar can quickly turn it into an unhealthy meal, so I drizzled just a little syrup on top. Luke was too tempted by the egg dishes on the menu, so he passed on the oatmeal and got:

Baked eggs with wild boar sausage, rustic bread, potatoes and mixed greens. Yumm. I had a bite of the eggs and bread, it was delicious!

With trips to Spain and England and lovely meals like this, I'm sure no one is feeling sorry for me and my current unemployment self. I don't blame you. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for everything, regardless of the annoying complaining I do from time to time.

Anyway, tell me: What's your favorite brunch meal? Do you go out or cook at home?

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