Thursday, September 24, 2009

The most economical bridesmaid dress EVER.

This morning I'm heading to Charleston, SC for Becca's wedding. I originally thought this was the ninth wedding I've been a bridesmaid in, but I'm only counting eight at the moment (I can't keep them all straight!) I'm sooo excited to celebrate her big day and to spend time with close friends. Ok, I'm looking forward to the partying, too. 

One of the things I love most about Becca is how laid back she is.  So laid back in fact, that she's letting us wear the same exact dress we wore in her sister Molly's wedding last October. (Her wedding party is the same). Becca, my bank account thanks you. 

Here I am with Liza dancing up a storm at Molly's wedding. Molly wanted us to feel great in our dresses so she let us choose the style we wanted. (Love that idea). Becca's colors are brown and pink, so instead of the green sashes, we are wearing this belt:

 Liza went to a fabric and crafts store in the Fashion District to get these pretty flowers and raw silk material. Even though I am absolutely terrible at any type of D.I.Y. project, I definitely think I need to hop on the bandwagon. It is the future. 

(FYI, I have new daily posts set up for while I'm out of town, so keep checking back!)

Click here if you missed Becca's bachelorette party in NYC!

Tell me: Have you been a bridesmaid before? What were the dresses like?


  1. I'm so jealous! Have so much fun in Charleston! Congrats to Becca! XXOO

  2. Awesome DIY stuff.

  3. i love the belt Ellen! That is so cute ^_^

  4. Omg, awesome DIY stuff, Sarah! Gotta love Urban...they always have cute things for affordable prices. Thanks for sharing!!