Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you in denial about the season change?

I sure as heck am. I looked on this morning, and even though it said the temps would be in the mid-50s, I chose to wear this:

As soon as I stepped out the door, I instantly regretted my outfit choice. There was not one person that was dressed like me. Not one. Everyone else was at least wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts or long(er) skirts with jean jackets. And I'm not just being paranoid here, but I'm pretty sure everyone in Manhattan noticed how underdressed for the weather I was. It's crazy how I could walk down the street with a purple mohawk and no one would bat an eyelash—but wear a short dress and sandals in the middle of fall and everyone's head is turning.  My American Apparel shirt dress looked a lot more like a shirt than a dress, so I really can't say I blame anyone for staring.

And if this neon toenail polish isn't a sign of season-change denial, I don't know what is. Besides the fact that I was freezing, the other thing that really sucked is that my short hemline was an open invitation for construction workers and random dudes to hollar at a sister. No thank you.
On the bright side, it was better than the time I got hit on for the sweatshirt I was wearing. Click here to see that story.

And, the dress I'm wearing is the American Apparel dress I grabbed, but then put back on the rack earlier this summer. Read about my shopping money meltdown here.

Who else is in denial about the dropping temps? How are you coping? Ahhh, I'm not ready to bust out the winter clothes yet!!!

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