Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skinny Bitch Food Diary: Take 2

My friend Alison in ATL has always had a great figure, but she recently moved into "skinny bitch" territory when she came to visit Liza and me in New York this spring. She had lost a noticeable amount of weight, and she was irritatingly perfect and controlled with everything she put into her mouth. (JK, Al! Actually, it was more inspiring that irritating!) 

As you read, you'll find out why this gorgeous gal has a not-so-gorgeous boot on her foot. Doesn't she look cute, though? Oh, and I should probably add that Alison is a vegetarian. Here's her document of one day of eating:

5 AM Wake Up Call: 

I have physical therapy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am, hence the ungodly hour. Before heading to PT, I had a bowl of my new found fave Trader Joe’s High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley w/ Light Plain soy milk. At only 100 calories a cup, it is surprisingly filling although I have to laugh that I’m buying High Fiber cereal. Isn’t that something reserved for 80 year olds?


Okay, so don’t think I'm psycho, but after being told that I had a fracture in my foot that may or may not need surgery I was willing to try anything. (I ended up having the surgery). So, I headed up to Whole Foods and spoke to Joe, the holistic, kosher nutritionist/herbalist—an all around interesting man—to learn which vitamins help bone growth. Here’s a picture of my vitamin routine: Liquid Calcium, Green’s Wild Berry Superfood (It is an acquired taste, but one 8-oz glass is equal to 5 servings of fruits and veggies), Multivitamin, Flax Seed Oil, and Vitamin D.

(I'm lovin' the pics, Al!!) 

10 AM Snack:

I’m heading into a meeting I know is going to test my patience so I quickly eat a banana before the meeting really gets going.  The second I get hungry my patience level is that of a two year old!

1 PM Lunch:

After putting on what felt like ten lbs. in my first month at Emory, I learned quickly that buying my lunch on campus was not a good idea for my wallet or waistline.  I now plan ahead and pack my lunch every day unless I have a lunch meeting.  Today, I brought one of my staple lunches: a Quorn “Chicken” Pattie, a small can of baby peas, and a kiwi.  For any other veggies out there, Quorn has been my saving grace when in comes to getting protein it is the beats out any other soy, tofu, etc. “chicken” products out there.

4 PM:

So sad. I’m starving and stuck in a meeting yet again.  I forgot the apple I brought for just this occasion on my desk as I “ran", okay still limped, to my meeting.  


Finally home at 8:30 after running to meet the real estate agent to sign the lease on my new apartment J and forcing my now starving self to go to the gym (There was no excuse as I had to pass it on my way home and my clothes were in the back seat). I quickly made broccoli sautéed in olive oil and a Quorn Naked Cutlet (I’m telling you they are addicting).  Admittedly, I needed a grain thrown in to truly make this a meal, but I was too tired to even wait for instant rice to cook. I am no cook, and I usually fall in my front door starving at the end of the day. So I try to keep easy, quick dinners on hand – 5-10 minutes tops! Craving something sweet, I treated myself to a Jell-O Sugar Free Dark Chocolate treat. 

Thanks, Alison, you skinny bitch, you. Side note: Luke expressed some concern for my recent crudeness and constant usage of the word "bitch." People, if you haven't noticed, 9 times out of 10, it is a COMPLIMENT. The minute I stop calling you a bitch, is when you should worry ;)

So what do you guys think of Alison's day of eating? Check out Courtenay's food diary here if you missed it. Who are you more like?? I'm a mix of both!



  1. Should say Lisa and ME not Lisa and I, no wonder you got fired. Sorry, low blow, but i couldn't resist.

    I like the dietary habits, wish more girls would follow suit.

  2. Ouch, that hurt for just a second, Flipisatrip. No worries, I recover quickly. Liza and ME. Point noted. Thanks!

  3. All about the fruits and veggies - but lost me at the "chicken" patties/ cutlets and the canned peas for lunch. Think I'd rather eat cardboard. Maybe that's why I could proably fit one toe into her jeans...
    I've cut out "white food" - refined sugars, flour, etc. for a couple months and have noticed a major drop in cravings and have been much more satisfied! Bascially, I'm trying to regulate my blood sugar - really boosts your energy too!

  4. Hey Katie! Yeah, I'm not a fan of the peas, but I'm not going to diss the faux chicken patties until I try them. Not sure if I ever will though, as I'm not a vegetarian. Awesome job on cutting out the refined sugars! I'm always working on that too. It's amazing how you always think you just CAN'T cut out certain foods, but when you try it's really not that hard. How are you on the Diet soda front? I haven't had a DC in four days and I feel like someone should give me a medal!! :)

  5. I still have my coffee in the morning with REAL cream and splenda and will have a diet coke here and there, but mostly drink water with lemon or lime for some extra zing. (I do admit sticking a diet coke in the cart at the grocery, but atleast its not a Snickers!) I am amazed at the drop in cravings I have had since changing how I eat. I had a serious carb/ sugar addiction - now I concentrate on eating healthy food that is good for me (with as few chemicals as possible). I don't worry about fat, rather concentrate on keeping my blood sugar as level as possible... I know, I know what's with the blood sugar? I had gestational diabetes with my youngest daughter, so i have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and I just think my body is a bit more sensitive to sugar/ carbs...

  6. Sounds like your doing a good job, Katie!

    My weak spot is soft drinks (mtdew and drpepper). I try to limit myself to 1 can (12oz) a day. I just can't/don't want to give them up.

  7. Yeah, props to you, Katie! Sounds like you're doing can't stress about fat content, calories and EVERYTHING all at once. Just trying to be healthy overall is the most important thing. Cutting carbs and sugar is probably one of the hardest things to do!

    I feel ya Flip, you have to WANT to give up certain things. I still haven't given up my frozen yogurt treats at Tasti-D-Lite (even though I have neglected to blog about any recent TD outings!)