Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you Team Kate or Team Jon?

I was a little behind on my celebrity gossip, so I picked up a bunch of tabloid mags this morning. I really could care less about what's going on with Brangelina, but the couple I DO love reading about is Jon and Kate Gosselin. In this week's issue of InTouch, I saw this article: "Hailey Sees the Real Jon." It's about Jon's 22-year old girlfriend being fed up with his playboy ways, and there's a bunch of interesting pics of ol' Johnny boy macking on a bunch of different (99% blonde) half-dressed honies. 

I don't agree with Jon's partying (or choice in clothing and women for that matter), but I will say that I kind of see his side. I am *gasp* Team Jon. I think that Kate just drove him to the edge, and he finally snapped. Yes, he should have stood up to her a lot sooner to avoid this breaking point, but I don't think their marriage would have worked if he hadn't been so submissive. If you've seen just one episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, you know that Kate wore the pants in the relationship, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

I do have some inside information on the subject, so I didn't come to my Team Jon decision rashly. I spent four days in Reading, PA (as well as driving to several surrounding cities without a GPS, umm nightmare) where Jon and Kate live. I was there to report on a story regarding the destruction of their marriage. I talked to so many people: neighbors, bartenders, grocery store clerks, former patients of Kate's (she was a nurse), the baristas at Starbucks, everyone. I was so thankful for the people who didn't tell me off or slam a door in my face. (Oh, it happened alright. One neighbor's dog was barking and jumping so ferociously at me, I was certain it was going to claw my face off). Basically, everyone said the same thing: Kate is  a HUGE bitch. I could get into all the whys and hows, but that would take way too long. Btw, Kate, the world is not jealous of you or your ridiculous haircut, so please stop telling yourself that.

I have so much more I could write on the subject, and maybe I will on another post, but I'll stop now before I ramble on too much. Wow, I haven't thought about that reporting experience in quite a while—definitely not one of my favorite celebrity-related moments. (Click here to see my faves in case you missed them!)

Tell me: Are you on Team Kate or Team Jon and WHY??

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