Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do you wear to the gym?

It boggles my mind every time a guy says hi to me at the gym or gives me a little nod—(mind you, it doesn't happen more than 5 times a year) 'cause I'm usually wearing something like this:

There ain't nuthin' cute or even mildly attractive about this look. This is what I wore to yoga yesterday—everyone else in the class had on black flowy pants and cute tank tops. (Don't you just love my old-school Adidas sandals?). The shorts look like the same ones I wore in P.E. in middle school. (Actually, I bought these for Luke last year for his Paulie Bleeker Halloween outfit, haha).

So you can see understand my confusion when I get any male attention. I think it must be my don't-you-dare-think-about-talking to me look that I always have on my face. (I do NOT go to the gym to socialize) Maybe guys think I'm playing hard to get?

I would like to be one of those girls who wears the matching sports bra and cute running shorts outfits, but as you know, I'd rather spend my money on real clothes. So until I strike it rich (or at least land a full-time job), I'll be looking like a scrub at the gym. It's fine, I can deal.
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Tell me: What do you wear to the gym?


  1. I was a short and t-shirt girl at the gym too, until I got into Yoga and the shirts get in my way. My teacher is also kind of picky about being fidgety when your clothes or hair are not in the right spot. So, I have upgraded to a few matching sports bras and tank tops which function much better for yoga and I guess it's a plus that they look a bit better too :)

    Are you back from Espana?!

  2. I wore capri leggings and a T-shirt to yoga, I love all the cute outfits the girls wear, however I am too cheap to buy nice clothes to sweat in. ;) Just know how hot you will look Ellen underneath the baggy clothes, just no one can see it (lol)

  3. Did you see this article?

  4. I actually wear my gym shorts from HCHS. No joke. I also commit the terrible faux pas of wearing old sorority shirts to the gym. Hey, I spent tons of money on those things. I guess I secretly hope some of the undergrads who go to Emory will think I am one of them.
    I think a friendly face at the gym is what gets "the nod" from guys, along with kicking your own fanny on the treadmill/with weights. Guys respect it.


  5. I used to wear scrubby shorts and an old tee, but thanks to my talented boyfriend, who designed some shoes for Adidas, I am now gonna be sportin' Stella McCartney's fall line! it's actually weird how wearing good-looking work-out clothes makes you wanna work out more...

  6. Whoa, MLA, you are SO lucky--I wish I could rock Stella McCartney's line to the gym!! And Shannon, I'm glad I'm not alone. I (surprisingly) do not wear my sorority shirts to the gym anymore, but I think that's only because I managed to misplace them when my mom moved into a new house. And Becca, my baggy T-shirts totally get in my way while I'm doing yoga...sometimes I feel like I can't breathe! My teachers don't say anything to me about it, but I'm sure they have noticed.

    And no, Sarah, I hadn't seen that article. That is SO crazy, and inspirational...thanks for sharing! It's making me want to really bust my butt and get to work!!

    Sorry I've been slow on the comments--just catching up now that I'm back from vacay!