Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who's your celebrity girl crush?

This topic came up in Spain among the girls when we were sitting by the beach one night slurping down mojitos. Kate Beckinsale, Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston were a few names that were mentioned. I said Eva Mendes initially because she's totally gorgeous, but the more I thought about it, the more I didn't think she was my true "girl crush." I can now more accurately say that Khloe Kardashian is my girl crush. 

The girl is hilarious—she cracks me up every time I see her on TV. Plus, she's really pretty, successful and has fabulous style. She's known to a lot of less-enlightened people as the chubby Kardashian sister. I feel your pain, Khloe; I'm still licking wounds from high school. Liza was the "hot" one all the guys were after and I was the "cool" one all the guys wanted to drink beer with (or was it vodka?) after school on Friday before the football game. Ohh yes, I was the funny sister with a pretty face—good times, good times. I digress. 

Khloe is far from perfect. She cusses like a sailor and drinks far too much when the occasion calls for it. But that's why I like her. Even though we're quite different in certain ways, I totally think we could be good pals. (Kind of like how I thought Channing Tatum would fall in love with me if we ever met.) Now, I just have to meet her. Fashion Week in NYC is coming up, maybe that will be my chance!

Oh, and of course when we asked the guys who their female celebrity crushes were, they said in unison: Megan Fox! Bor-ing. Guys, could you be more unauthentic? Please. BUT, next they said a name that totally surprised me—Lily Allen. Guys like that whole tomboy thing. I can appreciate that. 

So tell me, who's your celebrity girl crush??


  1. Ellen - it was vodka in high school! : ) As for celeb crush, I don't think I have one right now but I'll keep thinking! Glad Spain was a blast!

  2. Well, beer with the boys and vodka with the girls. I have a terrible (/awesome) memory of me, you and Britt attempting to drink a water bottle full of warm Mt. Dew and vodka before a football game. That did a number on me. I think that was the same game I decided to run down to where the cheerleaders were and do all the cheers with them. Eek!

    As for celeb girl crush for you, what about Jennifer Garner? I really like her, and she seems very "Lalla." :)

  3. ew! mt dew and vodka - i can't believe we drank that... but we did!

    and i like your celeb crush choice for me! You are right - she is very "Lalla!"