Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I got a full-time/part-time job!!!

Ok, that sounds confusing. I scored a one-month gig at the wedding magazine, The Knot, to help on a research project. It's a full-time/part-time job because I'll be in the office five days a week. This is going to be a HUGE change from working all alone in my apartment day in day out. I think I'm gonna like it!! I won't be reporting or writing, but I'm excited for this opportunity to meet new people, and of course, make a little money. By the end of the project, I should be able to tell you all the best wedding vendors in your area!

The Knot has an awesome website. Check it out here.

And I'm surprised I haven't asked this before, but tell me: What are your favorite magazines to read?


  1. What a great opportunity! A short-term, full-time job actually sounds great. The Knot is a helpful tool to those of us who have to keep track of lots of couples, their registries, their bridal parties, etc etc etc.
    I personally am not a bridal mag kind of gal. I love reading Food & Wine magazine. It is my mental vacation. I figure if I get one or two recipe ideas a year from it, it is worth the subscription.

  2. aww congratulations Ellen! I am so happy for you ^_^ I actually have looked up theknot a few months back :) They're pretty cool

  3. Oh, thats super exciting! Congrats!!!! [PS I am slightly addicted to your blog!!]

  4. Congrats! That is so perfect! I love Women's Health, and that was pre-Liza working there. It is the only magazine I read cover to cover.

  5. Thanks for the love, guys--the job is going well so far! Ali, I love WH too. Well, pre-Liza working there, I liked it a lot, but was a bit overwhelmed by it. Now that she's there, it's influenced me to read it more and I think it's awesome. I like the other health mags, but the hardcore health info in WH is what I've been liking more these days.

    And Shannon, I agree...actually making the effort to cook a meal you got from a magazine is the best feeling. I made a pasta dish with pumpkin sauce from a recipe I saw in a mag (can't remember which one, eek!), and it was DE-LISH. I felt so accomplished.