Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I went to bed at 12:30 last night and woke up to my alarm at 6am. You know when your alarm is going off, but you're so tired you think that the annoying beeping noise is just a dream? That's how I felt. I was invited to test out a spinning class at SoulCycle on the Upper West Side this morning, which is why I was up so early. 

I spin once, sometimes twice a week, but I was a little nervous entering the class. I had heard that it is THE spinning class to take in the city, and that the instructors are hardcore—a lot of them come from L.A. When I walked in, I was handed a pair of biking shoes to wear that attached to the pedals. I was a bit overwhelmed with getting the shoes on and getting my bike set, but a nice woman next to me was very helpful. Thank goodness. 

There wasn't much of a warmup; the entire 45-minute class felt like a sprint to me. At one point, the instructor looked at me and said, "I DO NOT RELATE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T SWEAT." She must have been looking at the girl behind me because there was no lack of sweat on this body—it was pouring down my face, stinging my eyes, drenching my T-shirt. Towards the end of class, we used 1 lb. weights to do arm strengthening moves as we cycled. It was not easy, but I felt so good when I finished. I'm definitely going back!

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I didn't think anything could beat this workout, but I think this spinning class did. Are any of you fans of spinning? I wasn't really until today!

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