Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All I have to say is....HOL-Y SHIT.

Omg you guys, my friend Jess just informed me of the FUNNIEST thing I have heard it quite a long time. Possibly ever. Click here to listen to two hilarious voice messages some tool (major understatement) left on this poor girl's phone. There are so many things I could say about this, but I just don't know where to begin. (Well, I suppose we could begin with the fact that he felt compelled to tell her upfront how great he is in bed. Or the fact he gave her a DEADLINE on when to call him back...)

One time a guy called me every day for a week straight and I never once returned any of his messages. They were pretty pathetic, but nothing in comparison to this. Single ladies, beware!!!

Tell me: Have you ever received a crazy voice message from a guy? I'd love to hear your funny stories!!!


  1. wow! i totally LOVE confidence.. this guy is freakishly arrogant! Women would rather be single than get approached like this! OMG he even went there, about psychological disorders?! OMG he is
    i think he is the one with the psychological problem though lol poor girl but i think that was a good call on sending that to the radio station so other women can be warned.

  2. Seriously. No amount of faux confidence could hide this dude's insecurities!!! So pathetic. I bet he's PISSED it got out. haha

  3. So, I'm obsessed with finding the follow-ups on viral videos (kinda like "Where Are They Now" on VH1) and turns out this guy is a creepster. Like, a professional creepster who teaches other men how to be creepsters. How crazy is that?