Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What do you wear to work?

For the past few months, I wore oversize T-shirts and mesh shorts to work because my "office" was only ten feet from my bedroom. So yesterday I was pretty pumped to put on real clothes and makeup and do my hair. (Well, I still didn't quite do my hair. I desperately need a haircut!)

It's pretty cool that I work in an industry that encourages--well, pretty much requires--me to wear clothes to work that reflect my own personal style. Wearing a suit is a no no, even for a job interview. I had fun selecting my outfit yesterday, but I have a feeling that excitement will fade by the end of the week. It's nice that I don't have to buy totally separate work clothes and going-out clothes, but it also kinda stinks because then my going-out clothes don't feel as special.

In this pic, I'm wearing:

-Tee: American Apparel
-Skirt: Zara
-Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs (I've been wearing them in the fall/winter like crazy for the past 3 years, and the heels are about to fall off. I need to get them fixed!)
-Scarf: It was a present (Becca, where did you get it?)

I wasn't prepared for the cooler weather yesterday, so I threw on that dingy zip-up jacket because it happened to be in my purse. I so need a fitted denim jacket for fall! I know as the temps keep dropping, I'll wish I could work in my bed, under my cozy sheets like I did this one time. Ahh, that was nice.

So tell me: What do you wear to work? Do you wish you could wear something else??


  1. lawyer = business or business casual to the office. Court = suit, suit, suit or suit. I wear skirt suits because it was ingrained in me going to a southern law school that ladies wear skirts. I own several pant suits which I wear in my suit rotation, but I think skirt suits are more appropriate and more comfortable frankly. But I hate panty hose. HATE them. I did not wear any to my last trial because it was in August in Marietta, Georgia. I have a two week trial in Savannah in I gotta stock up on the dreaded hose.
    Today I am wearing a camel hair skirt, white shirt and a black wool v-neck sweater with black heels. This is about as creative as my business casual outfits get. Sometimes I jazz things up with colored pumps (my favorite pair is orange and I wear them with a gray simple tank dress).
    Yep, pretty boring.
    Your outfit is totally cute, and I don't have the wherewithal to throw something like that together. But I wear boots all Fall/Winter when going out in lieu of heels. I own like 5 pair of cowboy boots. Love them.

  2. DC is rather traditional and I mostly wear suits and dresses. On more casual days, slacks and sweaters are okay. I'm definitely jealous that you get to have more fun with your work wardrobe!

  3. Oh Shannon, I'm sure you could put something like that together. Throw on a tee and scarf, and you're good to GO! I love cowboy boots too...I want a pair of ankle ones, but we'll see if I'm actually able to get them this year!

    It is funny that our working worlds are so different...I give you girls props for dressing up and getting all professional-like every day! ha

  4. As a freelancer, I can get away with pajamas, so I do. I hate to admit it. Plus I'm in South Jersey which is super low-key...we all dress like it's the day before finals in college. But that means when I have an actual excuse to get dolled up, I'm like a kid playing in the dress-up box. I want to wear everything at once :)

  5. "Dress like it's the day before finals"...I like that, Kara! You know I can relate!!!

  6. I wear boring button downs with pencil skirts. Sooo boring that I get excited when I wear a Michael Stars T with work skirts or dress pants. haha. I wish I could wear dressy jeans, scarves and fun shoes, but that's a big "oh, no no" at the hospital.

  7. Shenay, that doesn't sound so bad, at least you don't have to stress too much about your clothes in the morning. Or do you???