Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I worked out with Serena Williams today. Whaaat?

Yep, you read that right. Well, we didn't exactly hit the gym together and stop for protein shakes afterwards at Jamba Juice, but we did do pushups and jumping squats about four feet from each other. A physical trainer acquaintance of mine, Lacey, invited me to a Nike event this afternoon where we learned some of Serena's go-to workout moves. 

She was realllly sore from her recent matches at the U.S. Open, so she couldn't do the exercises full-out, but she was a good sport! Here's Serena warming up with some knee raises!

Next were jumping jacks! Then, I put the camera down for a few minutes to actually do some of the workout! I did the crawling pushups (bend over at the hips, crawl your hands forward, do a pushup and crawl them back) and squat jumps—probably two of the hardest moves. I took a break (how convenient) and grabbed my camera when I saw Serena start to bust out in a little dance!

Sean Paul came on and she did this little ditty for the crowd—the woman's got rhythm! I was disappointed with Serena's recent behavior on the court. It would be an understatement to say that the way she treated that ref was inappropriate; however, we're all human. She seemed like a pretty nice, cool gal to me!

What do you think of Serena's outburst? Are you still hatin' or are you over it?


  1. Remarkable! I think I will still stick to 12 oz. curls.

  2. Love the videos! I'm over Serena's outburst (thanks to Kanye's outburst that took some of the pressure off her), but I'm glad she was fined and made to apologize. That looked like such a fun workout!

  3. I saw her on CNN today and I think she was appropriately contrite. She also talked about her faith and how she is an emotional player. I mean, the game took this girl out of Compton, after all. Moving on...

  4. I'm with you, BN! Pushup crawls...who needs 'em?! I was sooore this am!

    Web and Shannon, I agree. I'm OVER the negative buzz around Serena. Kanye was WAY worse, and he's a total tool!!