Monday, September 14, 2009

Who's your favorite Gossip Girl?

Who watched last night's season premiere of Gossip Girl? It was gooood. I love how Chuck and Blair are being open with their feelings. I know that will last 2.2 nano seconds, but it was a nice change from the usual drama and game playing. I was thinking how much it sucked that I hadn't met anyone from the cast until I remembered that I did have one brief moment with Chace Crawford in December 2007.

 I was at Jingle Ball, a yearly holiday concert at Madison Square Garden that always has an all-star line up. That year it was: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga. Chace was just kind of wandering around backstage, minding his own business until I approached him for a pic. He was really nice and obliged my request—until later when he found out I was a reporter. When I started asking him questions, he wasn't rude, but he got flustered and said he couldn't answer anything. I didn't hold it against him—it was right at the time he just started getting popular, and I think he just didn't know how to handle the situation. My friend Jackie and I were both there reporting and all the celebs were initially really nice to us because they thought we were young(er) fans!

I can see why—look at Jackie's baby face. Lucky bitch. That night, we also approached Pete Wentz. I came up with a cheesy ice breaker like, "Hey Pete, why'd you have to go and copy my style?!" (He was wearing a purple hoodie too). It actually made him laugh—a little—but later in the night when I approached him again, he totalllly dissed me and acted like we never had that little bonding moment. Ouch. I'm going to blame it on the pain killers; he had a broken foot at the time and seemed a little loopy!

And check this out—Jenny was wearing a dress from my friend, Marsha's line, Thayer. Love it!

Who are your fave Gossip Girl characters and WHY? I'm team Blair/Chuck allll the way!!!

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