Monday, September 14, 2009

Behind-the-scenes at the VMAs!

Hey guys! You might remember that I told you that Tiffany was styling the All American Rejects for the VMAs. Well, here is her recap of the experience. Both she and the guys KILLED. IT. (!!!)

Last week was absolute bonkers! I found out last Friday that I was being booked to dress the All American Rejects for the VMAs, which naturally I was sooooo excited about. The boys are so nice to work with, and the different personalities makes it really fun to dress them. So, with the Labor Day holiday weekend, Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, and the VMAs being right in the middle of Fashion Week— to say that it was a challenge to get everything together would be putting it mildly. As I said they all have very different personalities, and I really like to let that shine. I ultimately want to make them look their best version of themselves. Fittings were spread over two days and the boys had to fly to Virginia to play a show, and then fly back on Sunday for the VMAs. And I thought my schedule was crazytown! Tyson walked in the Y3 fashion show yesterday so I had to meet him backstage to change him into his red carpet look—a raspberry Topshop suit —so him! Then it was off to the VMAs! Being backsage at Radio City was cool. We shared a dressing room with Walle and Steve Perry from Aerosmith. Then across the hall was Lady Gaga. Wowzers! I saw her in the red carpet look she came in—one of the many zaney looks she had that night; it looked like she could barely move in it. It was certainly eye catching, but I wouldn't recommend it for the fashion faint of heart. After the boys walked the carpet, they came backstage to chill for a moment before they were seated. 

Well, of course we were watching the monitor backstage when Kanye had his "Clearly I am complete void of any sense of tact and am a complete jerk" moment. Poor Taylor. She looked like she might cry. The boys were shocked too. (Check out the video below to see what Tyson had to say about it. LOVE the glitter, Ty!) 

Anyway, then the guys had their performance, which they killed! Tyson's idea of wearing glitter ALL OVER was genius, and it looked really cool. Aside from the fact that I had glitter all over me by the time I left, I loved it. Although I totally think the boys should have been nominated, overall it was a winning night. I was exhausted, but elated that it all worked out, and AAR rocked it!

Great recap, Tiff! OMG, I am still sooo jealous—I love the All American Rejects!!

What were your favorite and least favorite VMA moments? I loooved the MJ tribute—I started tearing up when Janet was on stage. So sad :( I think we all know what my least favorite moment was. Kanye certainly wasn't nearly as cool as the first time I saw him

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