Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you have a fashion dilemma?

Ugh, sorry for the late post—I've had some technical difficulties today! you all know, I haven't had the money to go shopping ALL summer. (Is that depressing as it sounds, or am I being a brat?) So, I've been forced to really make the best of what I've already got. I usually get sick of my clothes after a year or so, but the other day, I resurrected a cute skirt from my closet that I've had since college. I paired it with a basic white tee and my favorite ZARA sandals. I was feeling really good about my outfit until I had to select a purse. My sandals were a beige color, and I just wasn't sure what purse would go. Everything I had seemed wrong. I chose this cool vintage clutch my mom gave me, but I still didn't think it was right. I was self-conscious about the decision the entire day. Here's the outfit:

Being unsure about your outfit is the worst, right? Well, I decided to consult my firednfabulous fashion experts with this situation, so I'd know exactly what to do the next time this issue came up. Meet the experts:

Jenn Yoo: She's the accessories editor at Glamour magazine, and is one of my dearest friends in New York. Her sense of style is ri.dic.u.lous. Jenn is the most modest person I know. Whenever I compliment her on what she's wearing (which is every time I see her), she blushes and gets all embarrassed. It's so darn cute.

This pic was taken at the NYLON mag "Most Beautiful People" party. (Katy Perry performed—she was sooo good.) 

Tiffany Gifford: Tiff is a fashion editor at Conde Nast Traveler magazine and a stylist to the stars! Her most recent client: The All American Rejects! The girl knows how to accessorize like no other. I can count on her rocking a cool beret, sick pair of sunglasses or a fierce layered chain necklace every time I see her.  Like Jenn, she was one of my first friends in NYC—I have learned a lot from her about fashion over the years! 

This pic is from a girls road trip to Boston. Tiff talked me out of wearing a long, green and white bold striped top and leggings that night. Doesn't sound so bad? Um, I wanted to wear the top as a dress! 

Liza Collis: I have no idea where I'd be if it weren't for my sis. She knew she wanted to come to NYC straight after college to pursue a career in fashion. Six months later, I followed her here. She is a fashion editor at Women's Health magazine. I've been Liza's  assistant on a few photo shoots, and she really blew me away with her creativity and decisiveness. I felt like a proud mom just watching her work! She's been a lifesaver this summer—I'm constantly shopping on her side of the closet :)
(I was getting sick of seeing myself in every pic—I'm sure you are too— so that's why Liza's rollin' solo on this one.)

OK, so here's what my "expert panel" had to say about my fashion dilemma:

Jenn: I like the combo! I'm not a fan of accessories being too matchy-matchy, plus who has the money to have a bag for every outfit? The beige sandals with the tan purse looks great. It's all about mixing neutrals with a pop of color! 

Tiffany: I actually love the bag with this outfit! I think the general rule for matching is that there are no real rules. I think black can easily go with brown and vice versa. But, I generally feel like warmers colors, like the outfit in the pic, look best with brown and gold accents, and cooler colors are best paired with black and silver. The days of matching your bag, belt and shoes are bygone! 

Liza: I prefer not to be too "matchy" with anything I'm wearing, especially accessories. Most of the time a perfectly matched bag and shoe looks too "Paris Hilton," unless of course it's all black. If I had to be nit-picky, I'd say the vintage feel of the clutch is a little dressy for the casual outfit, but other than that, good job!

Well, it looks like I didn't do too bad after all! What about you? Any fashion dilemmas or questions for my fabulous fashion experts? I'll have them answer your Qs for a future post!


  1. I finally had a chance to check out your blog! Lalla and Becca both passed it along. I'm definitely adding you to my regular blog reading list!

  2. wow you are so blessed to have such fashion experts! lol :D anyway, i do like how you toned down the rich color of your skirt with a plain white top and your shoes! i so love them ^_^ Over-all i think your outfit looks casual, cute 'n sexy :)

    as for my fashion dilemma? Just recently, I attended this wedding party for an old college classmate. I HAD to wear red, something about respecting the motif of the wedding, so there I was with no shoes to match it with! I ended up with these metallic peep-toe sandals that covered my feet all the way to the ankles, I loved that they were 5-inch heels but when I finally got to see the photo, I realized a strappy sandal was supposed to be the perfect match but then again, all I had were blue strappy sandals.. and they ddnt fit either; so I pretty much did a fashion faux pas at that :(

  3. Hi Becky, great to hear from you! I checked out Grits and Gossip too--so cute!! I went to school in South Carolina, so it's nice to go back to those southern roots every once in a while :)

  4. O, finding the right shoes for a nice dress can be a pain! Especially a red dress...that would be tough. Metallic sounds like a good choice...maybe black ones too, if they were strappy? Do you have any specific questions for my "fashion experts??" hehe Maybe they could help with any outfits you might need for your wedding weekend?

  5. Oh my gosh! I feel like I've had the dilemma of the century for the past 5 months with this gigantic walking boot and crutches! Not exactly the ideal accessories. :-) But, my real dilemma is always accessories in general. I'm too busy to even find the perfect outfit let alone find all the details to truly make it the perfect outfit. I need to start collecting key pieces/accessories so I'm not always in this bind feeling 1/2 way dressed! :-) Happy Thursday Elle! Miss you! Adorable pictures!

  6. yes you're right but at the same time, I am concerned about something else. We figured i might be flying in the country "possibly" anytime around September--November;

    We only have dry and rain season here so anytime of the year i can just wear a dress or even a tank top without worrying so much about the weather, so my dilemma would be towards what IS it im supposed to wear for fall season?
    I have open sandals, the only closed shoes I'd call closed are my running shoes(wc i've worn ONLY once since i got them a yr ago :D ), and my suede boots that look like they're dying soon lol. I've worn those boots once I think for some event back in school.

    I think only 3 pairs of my jeans flatter me, and I ONLY own 3 tees :D as I mostly wear a dress ^_^ and if I needed to wear jeans, I'd mostly don a tank top or a tube top and wear a bolero over it;

    so, I have huge probs on the whole fall wardrobe; ANy advise on a specific type of clothing I need that will look casual but cute (i like the whole being cute part LOL) I really like wearing dresses most of the time, so any advise as to how I can still wear them without feeling too cold?(any temperature below 30 Centigrade would be cool to me, as I'm so used to living everyday in 32-36 centigrade)
    I also do wanna learn the art of wearing layered clothing and rich colors but without looking like I was a canvass waiting to be sold at the art museum. I really like playing with colors, but try to avoid dark hues like chocolate brown or black because I feel like they make me age more.
    I know I may have endless questions but I really don't wanna look weird ^_^ plus I do want to look really nice when I see Michey & be a tad bit fashionable still.
    I have browsed a few fall issues but still I do get confused if the clothes I see on the store would fit more on summer and others could be for winter, and some just look too boring for me :(

  7. Alison and Odessa, my fashion team is on it!!! Living in NYC, we have the art of layering clothing down to a science. And A, I totalllly hear ya on feeling 1/2 dressed... I always feel that way! Don't worry, fashion team to the rescue!

  8. i am fashion phobic. i find something i like that i feel comfortable in, and it's in the general rotation. any deviation from this makes me feel totally uncomfortable. any time i try to do something "stylish" or "fashionable" or (eek!) "trendy" i feel like i look like i have been playing in someone else's closet! and i am the worst with accessories.

    you all should start a service where you go to the apartments of the fashion-challenged and help them put together outfits, and suggest key pieces (including accessories) they should purchase. i would totally pay for that!

  9. MA, what a great idea!!! Let's have a fnf fashion intervention at your apartment!!