Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last year when Luke and I were in Mexico, I drank margaritas like nobody's business. I know that the sugar in just one drink is probably two days worth of what your sugar intake should be, but sometimes you gotta live in the moment! That being said, I came back to New York with a few extra pounds and tighter fitting jeans. Not cool.

Now that Luke and I are gearing up for our Spain trip (leaving Friday, woohoo!), I'm already thinking about the kinds of alcohol I will be consuming and how many calories each drink will set me back. I'll most likely be drinking wine and beer, which normally wouldn't be so bad. But this isn't going to be a normal, relaxing vacation. It's going to closely resemble my 2000 Spring Break in Panama City (minus the gross guys in skin-tight V-neck tees). We will be drinking a lot.

We're going to Malaga, Spain for Luke's friend, Jonathan's wedding—he's a groomsman. There's a group of about twenty of us that are staying in two villas. I absolutely love Luke's friends—they are a wild bunch, and every time I am with them, I am equally as wild. SO my plan of attack to cut calories on my beverage consumption is to bring this piece of paper with me on my trip:

This, of course, is Bethenny Frankel's recipe for a Skinnygirl Margarita. I copied it out of her book Naturally Thin. It's approximately 100 calories per serving—not bad for a liquor drink! (As you may already know, this is not the first time I've written about Bethenny, and it won't be the last!)

What do you think, will the bartenders in Spain be down for making me my own special, low-cal cocktail? What's your favorite drink to have on vacation?


  1. I have a drink for you to try. Some of our pals went on a trip to Aruba (unfortunately i couldn't go) and brought back a fabulous drink... the Absolute Lenny.

    Vodka (1/3 of the glass after ice-- guess it should probably be less, but we pretend we are still in college!!!)
    Diet Sprite (another 1/3 of the glass)
    Club Soda (the last 1/3)
    garnish with a few slices of fresh cucumber

    It's the most refreshing drink!

  2. Thanks, Rachel--this sounds sooo good! I definitely want to try this drink during my trip--I'll report back to you on it. And I, too, still like to pretend I'm in college. I'll be 29 in a few months, so I guess I have another year before I have to act like an "adult." Right? (Or do I have longer??)

  3. um, remember in college when you told me that if i drank vodka lime and water i wouldn't get hungover because the water would keep me hydrated?? i do not recommend this.

  4. Hahaha, MA! I am totally LOL in Starbucks right now and three people just whipped their heads around to stare me down. I sure did love my low-cal vodka water cocktails in college! They did serious damage though...by the end of the night my friends would give me just regular glasses of water and told me there was vodka in it. I never knew the difference, ha!