Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What did you have for lunch today?

The fridge is a bit emptier than usual, and nothing I had was really calling to me today. Ever since I read Bethenny Frankel's book, Naturally Thin, I have been inspired to incorporate more veggies into my daily diet. So I decided on a big ol' mound of broccoli for lunch because it's the one vegetable that I always enjoy. 

I wanted to dump the entire container of parmesan cheese on the broccoli, but then I guess that would have defeated the purpose of eating it. I enjoyed the broccoli up until I was about two-thirds of the way done, so I stopped. That's one of Bethenny's "rules." If the food isn't tasting good to you, stop eating it. If you haven't read Bethenny's book, you should check it out. It really spoke to me in particular, but I think everyone can learn some good tricks from her. Plus, she's such a riot. She'll be like: "Yes, have the cheeseburger, but don't also get the fries AND the milkshake. What are you, 12? Do you have to have everything when you want when you want it?" OK, so that's not an exact quote, but I did read the book twice so I think it's pretty accurate. 

I needed some toilet paper so I strolled over to Whole Foods. I was secretly hoping that there would be some tasty samplers for me to test out, but there was none. Not one freakin' cheese cube in the entire place! I went around 3pm, and I know that 12:30-1:30pm is the prime sampling hour (I mean, that would be my guess), but no cheese cubes? Come. on.

I actually haven't been very hungry today, but I decided to pick up some fresh cherries for a treat. 

They were expensive, but I decided I'm going to have them for dessert for the rest of the week, so that should definitely save me money and calories. I know this isn't a very exciting meal, but strangely, I feel totally satisfied.

What did you have for lunch today? Do you brown bag it, eat in your company's cafeteria or go out? When I worked in an office, I usually brought my lunch. I would get Subway a lot though. Mmm...Subway.


  1. Sign me up for a chicken cordon bleu from Todaro's anytime... serious mmmm...


  2. Hey Matt! Thanks for checking out the blog :) My lunchtime vice at Clemson was the grilled chicken and swiss at Ancheux's, so good!