Monday, August 17, 2009

I've decided, New York City wants me to be fat.

Everything in New York seems to be on wheels these days. Ice cream trucks, coffee trucks, taco trucks, dumpling trucks, and now...CUPCAKE TRUCKS. Ok, so who's the asshole that came up with this crazy (/genius) invention?

I need someone to blame this on, so Mayor Bloomberg, this one's on YOU. (Do you want to be re-elected?) Yes, it's fantastic that McDonald's has a calorie count of everything on their menu, but now it's easier than ever to just pop a cupcake (or five) into your mouth. Sweet.

After studying this menu for a couple minutes, I can proudly report that I did not buy one single cupcake. It wasn't easy being a bystander as other people excitedly placed their Red Velvet and Cookie Dough cupcake orders. And then I had to listen to a girl claim, "Ohhh, this is SO good. Oh my gosh...oh. my. gosh." (um, maybe she was simultaneously having an orgasm?) as she licked every last drop of icing off her fingertips.

Oh, I do love cupcakes. Cupcakes come in a close second to ice cream, but I hardly ever eat them. If you're ever in the city, do not get stuck in a tourist trap and go to Magnolia Bakery just because you saw Miranda noshing on one from there in a Sex and the City episode. Yes, the cupcakes are good (I mean, can cupcakes really be bad?), but the icing is too sugary in my opinion, and there are better places. If you want a just a classic, super-moist cupcake with yummy icing, head over to Two Little Red Hens. If you want a really tasty cupcake with a variety of fun flavors (think Snickers, Oreo, Key Lime Pie, Mudpie, M&M, Coconut) try Crumbs. They are heavenly!

Does anyone love cupcakes as much as I do? What's your favorite flavor?


  1. Ellen, I'll have to disagree with you on this one. Aside from ice cream (because nothing beats it, in my humble opinion), I absolutely ADORE Magnolia's cupcakes. In fact, I treated myself to one (actually 2 and a half) last night. They were leftovers from the weekend and they would've been dry today, so I needed to finish them - by myself - last night...right!? My favorite is the white cake with the chocolate icing...YUMMMMM!!!! I've tried Crumbs - good ideas with the flavors, but dry cake and Billy's - close second to Magnolia's, but M's still reigns atop my list. Loved this post! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you're making me want a cupcake—any cupcake—right now!! We can agree to disagree on this one :) I DO like Magnolia, but I guess I don't get the hype. Try Two Little Red Hens and report back. I know how New Yorkers are about cupcakes though...once you've found your favorite, you usually don't switch over to anything else!!


    Someone must be stealing ideas from your blog...


  4. woah.. you have to look out for people stealin those big bulbs floating aroung your head Ellen lol
    but yeah..your photos make me want a cupcake too..with icing ..something chocolatey, gooey(is that even the word??) , sweet and moist on the inside..hmm or i could settle for a brownie.hmmm yum yum