Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are you missing a loved one?

I am. My dad passed away from lung cancer almost three years ago, and lately I have been missing him more than ever. I came across a couple letters he wrote me while I was cleaning my room the other day, and they made me so happy, yet so sad at the same time. More happy though—it's just what I needed right now. Here is a letter he wrote me while I was in college. If you were lucky enough to meet my dad, then you can really hear his voice in the way he writes. I feel like he is actually talking to me every time I read it.
Dearest Ellen,

What a great joy I received upon receipt of your letter. You truly have a wonderful way of expressing yourself, and you have the most insightful gift in saying interesting topics. Both what and how you write is just fantastic!

Of all the news you had, the most enjoyable thing I saw was—you're closer to God. I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. I would believe that the closer you get, the happier and more confident you will be. "Thru Him, all things are possible," so just stay in close touch and you'll do just fine.

I, like the rest of the family, sorely miss Foster. Let's just continue to keep him in our prayers and wait for his safe return.
It sounds like you had a pretty rough day yesterday. Unfortunately, honey, it won't be the last! Just keep plugging away, praying and be confident that things will improve. Using that formula, they always do.

I'm on my lunch break now, so I better get back to work. You know, just writing and thinking about you help makes my day.

Please give my love to Liza, stay close to her and offer her encouragement when possible. You all have made a great team, and I'm sure each of you has helped the other succeed. Keep it up.

Isn't that the sweetest letter? At the time, my brother, Foster was doing a tour of duty in Iraq, and it was a really hard time for us. Writing each other was a wonderful outlet, and I'm so happy I have this letter to cherish forever.

Is there anyone you'd like remember today? Do it here :)


  1. Ellen! That's so sweet and so much of what he said still applies to you and Liza today. He would obviously still be so proud of you!

  2. Thanks, Becca! Yeah, it didn't ever take much to make my dad proud, he was the cutest.

  3. Elle -- what a treasure! He could not have captured your writing more perfectly..."an insightful gift." Thanks for sharing. XOXO

  4. Ellen,
    I know you'll always treasure your father's letters to you. And the wonderful part about having those is that you can read them over and over and over again; complete with his handwriting, almost as though he were there to tell you himself. Your dad was such a warm person.

  5. Thanks, Emily! I do read the letters a lot. Ohhh memories...we have a lot from Lakewood Drive back in the day! (This is Emily Wachs, right?? haha)

  6. only my first time on your blog and i'm so touched! i have such great memories of your dad. he was so easy to like..just like you guys (O:

    katey ~ cleveland, oh