Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who's your favorite celeb couple?

You'll have to check out the September issue of Glamour (on stands now) to see my answer. Go to page 198 and you'll see my cute little pic and quote at the bottom :)

I'll give you a hint: She is a German supermodel that is a host on my fave fashion reality show, and he is an English soul singer with a well-known marking on his face. Um, OK, I think I basically just GAVE you the answer. Any guesses?

Who is your fave celeb couple and WHY? I apologize for the lack of pics today (at least you're not still staring at a big plate of broccoli!), but check in tomorrow to see a hilarious photo shoot I did for Glamour several months ago!


  1. well the broccoli was growing on me lol
    i like how brangelina are with their brood and just their love for their family overall :) no wonder why they attract so much attention from everyone; they're like a power couple, i hope their relationship will last coz that would really be nice :)

    i read how these couple you mentioned in your blog keeps renewing their vows, it's just so romantic :) ahhh love.. hehehe ^_^

  2. any one that i never have to read about.

  3. Odessa, you totally got it right! One year they renewed their vows to a "white trash" wedding theme. It was awesome!

    Flipisatrip, I hear ya. Even though it is my job to follow this stuff, it can be a bit much. Sometimes I just have to chill out and stop reading Perez Hilton and tabloid mags for a few days. Are you anti-celebs in general or do you just not like the ones that are constantly on the front of mags and in the news?? Just curious :)

  4. I like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! I know they aren't the most exciting couple, but they seem so normal and down to earth

  5. I guess my issue is with the celebs that want to constantly be on the front of mags.

  6. Oh that's a good one, Lalla! I love Tom Hanks.

    Flipisatrip, I totally agree. It can get a little obnoxious. Any low-key celeb couples you like? Ohh, I just thought of a good one...Will Smith and Jada Pinkett!

  7. well i think the whole publicity obsession is a must othewise they won't be celebs anymore lol no glamour and people won't want them as much so down goes showbizness :) their life can be exciting but at the same time just utterly insane, so hey glad we're normal people lol

    i love tom hanks! i think i've loved his acting ever since i saw forrest gump, he's one of my all time faveS!! :) and yes will smith and jada are great together especially how they are with their kids :) It's like in a way you can say there's still normalcy in their crazy world